The Church and Sexual Perversity (It’s Not What You Think)


The only time Jesus uses the word, “perverse” he uses it to describe an unbelieving generation which failed to meet the immediate needs of a would-be follower of Jesus (Matthew 17:17; Luke 9:41). In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Mark Ongley challenges the church to be a community that comes alongside the sexually broken in order to heal them and lead them to God.

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Dr. Mark Ongley has more than twenty-five years of pastoral ministry experience. He currently serves part-time as pastor of Ashes to Life in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania—a United Methodist congregation reaching out to people in recovery. He has helped many people find healing and greater wholeness in the area of sexuality. Since 2006, he has been part of a team of counselors for the “Come Away with Me” retreats sponsored by HCM International. Through Restored Image Ministries he offers counseling, seminars, and a monthly blog, which can be found at His wife, Lauri, and their two daughters bring him joy and remind him not to take himself too seriously.