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Are you looking for a free small group discussion lesson about waiting for God to direct your life? Pierce Drake shares another fantastic discussion lesson on the differences between David and Saul.

Are you looking for a lesson to teach your students about worth and being chosen by God? Pierce Drake shares another free small group lesson on David's rise to the throne.

Are you looking for a free discussion lesson for your students? Pierce Drake shares a lesson about David being anointed as king and being faithful where you are.

Looking for a small group lesson to help your students see the diversity and usefulness of their spiritual gifts? Caroline Hare shares a simple, necessary lesson.

Looking for a lesson that will teach your students the value of diversity and the role each of us play in God's masterpiece? Caroline Hare shares a small group lesson based on 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.

Creativity in prayer can really help your youth get their connection to God going. Chasity Opphile shares a project to combine art with prayer.

Youth have energy and want to squeeze all they can out of life. Michael LeBlanc shares a small group discussion lesson that can teach them how to have that abundant life they crave.

How can you respond when others say you aren't good enough? Michael LeBlanc shares a discussion lesson on worth.

Looking for a discussion lesson for your youth group? Scott Meier provides the latest in his Advent small group lesson series.

Looking for another free small group discussion lesson? Scott Meier offers an Advent discussion lesson on Peace.

Looking for free small group lessons? Scott Meier shares a discussion lesson for the Advent season.

Are your kids having a hard time waiting for Christmas to come? Scott Meier shares a small group lesson on God's perfect timing.

Have you ever found yourself wandering around in a state of confusion? Michael LeBlanc shares a free small group lesson on Galatians.

How do you feel about bacon? Michael LeBlanc shares a free small group lesson about Peter and God's command to break the kosher dietary laws.