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Does the everyday ebb and flow of life dampen your awareness of God's presence? Joel Mooneyhan provides a timely message for Lent.

What do worship and protest have in common? Adam Kurihara reflects on recent political protest and activism in light of Christian faith.

What doesn it mean to be without a home? Uday Balasundaram shares a look at Christmastide from the eyes of homelessness and tells a story of overcoming.

Would you worship during a funeral? Jonathan Powers shares why worship is important, even at the most solemn of services.

How do you lead a divided congregation into worship? Shannon Sigler shares helpful tips on leading worship in post-election tension.

We are seeing a resurgence in the use of visual arts in worship. Shannon Sigler shares some tips for incorporating it into your service.

What is All Saints Day all about? Matthew Sigler tells us about the communion of saints.

Are you looking for a way to support and encourage creativity discipleship in the church? Uday Balasundaram shares with us about the Order of Bezalel.

Does art have a place in worship? Michael Jarrell shares the basis for including it.

It can make a world of difference in your worship service to use various kinds of instruments. Daniel Rife tells us why.

No matter if you love or hate social media, it is still a very present reality in our churches. Kory Pence shares how to work with social media rather than fighting against it and how to use it to help people worship.

What can Pokemon Go teach us about worship? Patrick Bourckel shares how the game can open your eyes to unseen realities.

Reading keeps our minds sharp and helps us stay current in our understanding of our mission. Shannon Sigler shares some recommended reading for worship, culture, and the arts.

Sometimes we all struggle in planning worship for one reason or another. Shannon Sigler shares how the artistic ones in your congregation can be an invaluable help when you are stuck.