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The Arts

We are all created in the image of our creative God. Kory Pence shares 6 ways to incorporate creativity and art into the worship service.

Are you looking for ideas to make this Lent's worship services memorable for your congregation? Patrick Bourckel shares ways to implement different types of fasting.

Worship Design Collective's authors come together to help you plan your Lenten services. Today, they share the best visual Lent reflections they have used in a worship setting.

What value does art have in the worship experience? Joey Fitzgerald shares wisdom about an essential element that is missing from many churches: creativity in worship.

Looking for just the right Advent devotional or resource? Worship Design Collective shares a list of helpful resources for every type of personality!

How can we include a more holistic worship experience for our congregations? Shannon Sigler shares how to incorporate the visual arts in worship.

We are seeing a resurgence in the use of visual arts in worship. Shannon Sigler shares some tips for incorporating it into your service.

Sometimes the best lessons about the sacred come from the most ordinary things. Joel Mooneyhan shares what he learned about ministry from drawing class.

Are you looking for a way to support and encourage creativity discipleship in the church? Uday Balasundaram shares with us about the Order of Bezalel.

Why does creativity in worship matter? Elizabeth Rhyno shares some helpful truths.

Have you struggled with taking your songwriting from the realm of private worship to the public sphere? Jenn Petersen provides some helpful tips for making the transition.

Does art have a place in worship? Michael Jarrell shares the basis for including it.

Reading keeps our minds sharp and helps us stay current in our understanding of our mission. Shannon Sigler shares some recommended reading for worship, culture, and the arts.

Sometimes we all struggle in planning worship for one reason or another. Shannon Sigler shares how the artistic ones in your congregation can be an invaluable help when you are stuck.