The Truth Diary

A narrative and an invitation

The most compelling evangelism resource released in recent decades. 

The Truth Diary is designed to:

Explain in broad brushstrokes the main story of the Gospel

Invite a potential believer to actually make a profession of faith through the praying of the salvation prayer

Formalize a newly made commitment to Jesus Christ with an included declaration page

Familiarize a new believer with the basic disciplines of the Christian life

About The Book

At its core, it offers a concise telling of God’s history with humanity—from the creation and fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden through to Jesus, the second Adam. 

The book begins with a narrative, written in God’s own voice, that tells with great fidelity the story of creation, the Noah and the flood, the exile and deliverance, the anointing of David, the voices of the prophets, and ultimately Jesus death on the cross. From there, the case for faith is further validated with the witnesses of American founders and statesmen, world leaders, scientists, and prominent public figures throughout history. 

Skeptics will find their objections answered by a number of credible elements that are designed to address their concerns and help lead them to a positive response. Persons seeking to share their faith with unbelievers can feel confident that The Truth Diary will help begin the conversation, giving them many helpful points for deeper discussion. This powerful little booklet is ideal for individuals and congregations seeking to embark on a consistent discipline of personal evangelism.