Threshing Floor Podcast 059: Easter, Mini-Horses and Preaching Resurrection


Happy Easter(tide). The Threshing Floor is super excited to talk about Easter today. We gathered together all of our crazy Easter stories, favorite candy and plenty of other things to create a jaw-dropping, life-changing Easter episode for 2016.

Here is what we talk about:

  • Mini-Horses
  • Joshua’s new ringtone
  • Periscope (the app, not viewing device)
  • Favorite breakfast cereal
  • favorite Easter candy
  • Easter puns
  • Easter traditions
  • Joshua sings (surprise)
  • Jesus getting into a light-saber fight
  • Willow the Movie
  • Crazy Easter Stories
  • Why Easter matters
  • Is Easter all about atonement? (Link to our episode on why atonement matters)
  • Preaching resurrection

Joshua’s new ringtown link (Thanks to listener Matt Stout).

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