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Sermon Planning

Stewardship sermons got you down? Jim Kinder shares a cure for the stewardship season blues!

Tired of begging for tithes and offerings? Thad Austin shares some key problems most pastors have when addressing their congregations about giving.

What are you doing to prepare for Advent? Jim Kinder shares some helpful suggestions and godly wisdom.

Looking for a new sermon series? Chris Howlett shares a sermon series based on ancient creeds which declare what we believe.

What are the words you most want to hear? Bob Kaylor shares three of the phrases people crave to hear the most and what they reveal about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Are you struggling to plan for future sermons? Rich Jones suggests holding a "Big Idea Night" in order to find ideas for your series.

Need a sermon series to teach about ministry in the marketplace? Chris Howlett will help you teach your congregation that they can minister in any vocation.

Adam Kline shares more wisdom on how generational storytelling can help your congregation get more out of your sermon.

Storytelling can speak to the needs of every season. Adam Kline shares how it can help with topical preaching when it becomes necessary.

How can you help your congregation get a good grip on your sermon? Jim Kinder explains how to provide handles to hold onto.

Sometimes the content of our worship services can be very emotional for us. Jon Myles shares the benefit of good preparation in such situations.

Are you looking for engaging, meaningful topics for your next sermon series? Andrew Dragos shares some topics you may not have considered before.

Have you ever heard a sermon that jumps around all over the place and never really gets to the point? Adam Kline shares wisdom on how to not end up being "that pastor."

Does your congregation have a need to learn what we believe? Chris Howlett shows us how we can include catechesis in preaching.

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