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How do you encourage people who are in their golden years of life? Chris Howlett shares about preaching the good news in the nursing home.

Are you concerned about how you can preach this year on the day before All Saints' Day? Adam Kline shares the history of the day and ideas for how to serve others.

How would Jesus vote this November? Jeremy Smith shares a sermon that might actually be productive during this election cycle.

Sometimes asking yourself questions will help you answer the "so what" factor in your sermon. Josh Duckworth shares three questions that will help you communicate to your congregation why they should care about what you have to say.

How much does your preaching style really matter? Talbot Davis shares about the power of evocative preaching.

We all know the historical background of a sermon text can be vitally important. Bob Kaylor explains how you can present the historical background of a sermon text without losing your audience.

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Have you ever been confused by the whole law vs. grace thing? Preaching Collective offers a helpful explanation according to John Wesley.

Adam Kline shares more wisdom on how storytelling can enhance your congregation's ability to retain your sermons.

We constantly evaluate the value of resources. So, sometimes, we tend to treat people like they are resources and make judgments about their value to us. Jim Kinder shares a sermon about what happens when we choose to value all people.

What could you possibly learn about preaching from those Pixar cartoons? Bob Kaylor shares some interesting lessons.

In this sermon, Aaron Perry dives deep into the nature of the soul--what it is and what it isn't--and how to grow a soul that reflects the image of God.

Do you want to improve your public speaking skills? The Preaching Collective shares wisdom from John Wesley on pronunciation and gesture.

Adam Kline preaches on Mark 13 and the apocalyptic teaching of Jesus.

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