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Spreading the kingdom of God means taking risks, crossing into enemy territory, and being bold and courageous.

We cannot get from shame to grace without going through the cross.

There is a lot of lip-service paid to the idea of "making disciples," but the notion of being a disciple-maker is another thing altogether.

The Enemy has lost the war, and if we will take authority as Jesus has given us permission to do, then the Enemy will also lose the battles he wages in your life and mine.

We cannot get from shame to grace without going through the cross.

The only power worth pursuing is power borrowed from faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Below are some of the resources Seedbed has published that wrestle with the problem of pain and suffering and attempt to situate it within the framework of Christian faith.

Right now, the prayers of God’s people are being collected in golden bowls, mixing with the power of God and transforming death to life.

Making disciples of Jesus Christ cannot, will not, must not be attempted without orthodox training in the every day supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit.

What does the Bible teach about the Holy Spirit? Here is an outline of seven points to help keep the church grounded in biblical teaching on the Spirit of God.

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