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The question we must ask ourselves is, "Why would Satan bother with attacking me?"

Helping our churches make this transition from Christendom to post-­Christendom may be one of the most important pastoral challenges we have faced in decades.

Where the holiness of Jesus is in play, small will be the new big.

Biblical singleness more closely aligns to the concept of “single-­minded focus” or “exclusivity of intent” or the “undivided life.”

Before there were four written Gospels, there was the single oral telling of the good news. Ben Witherington III explores what that might have sounded like in written form.

The Bible—and especially Jesus—show that Christian theology is not so much about believing things as it is about doing things: walking in...

In community, we are invited to deal with our own idols, our own mess, and sometimes to gently invite others to root out their own idols as well.

We do not vindicate Jesus when we fight for him. He vindicates us when we suffer loss with him.

Believing in Jesus is not enough. We must have the Holy Spirit.

As objects of hostility, our call is to stand firm, never doubting the reality of the battle raging against our lives, nor the victory that is ours to come.

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