What's OneBook all about?

Seedbed is pleased to present OneBook, a new class of Bible study resources designed for the church and aimed at calling forth and equipping ordinary people for the extraordinary mission of cultivating the kingdom of God in the world.

OneBook offers four study tracks, each of which are taught by trusted and tested teachers and designed to engage your group in the daily reading of Scripture. 
These tracks include OneBook: The Epic of Eden video series, OneBook: Invitation, OneBook: Daily-Weekly, and OneBook: The Biblical Journey.

For more information on each, as well as some testimonials, read on!

Epic of Eden: Understanding the Old Testament

Admittedly, the Old Testament proves a stumbling block for most readers of the Bible. Endless genealogies, countless animal sacrifices, ancient rituals and customs, and kings and prophets cause most people to bail out around Leviticus 23. The problem with skating past the Old Testament is it makes up about 3/4 of the Bible. Few realize just how critical understanding the Old Testament is to really “getting” Jesus and the New Testament. 


In The Epic of Eden, Dr. Sandra Richter, Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, jumps headlong into the Old Testament to clearly and powerfully communicate a history of God’s redeeming grace, weaving together a story that runs from the Eden of the Garden to the garden of the New Jerusalem.


Legendary Bible stories take on new life as Dr. Richter clearly articulates their part of a larger pattern, revealing an even deeper significance for the tales individually. The Epic of Eden video study is ideal for serious church groups wanting a meaty study of biblical text, as would anyone eager for a strategic grasp of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Old Testament and how it relates to God’s activity in the present.


  • 12-week study
  • Weekly 30-minute video sessions followed by discussion
  • Daily readings
  • Ideal for weekday small group bible studies and adaptable for weekly Sunday school classes
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OneBook: Invitation

How does Genesis connect to Revelation? What does Jesus have to do with the Old Testament? Why is Leviticus even in there? What is the big idea?


We all enter Bible studies at different levels of experience. OneBook: Invitation establishes a strong foundation for ongoing biblical study through the teaching of Dr. Brian Russell, Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary, as he offers a gracious entry into the world and story of the Bible.


In this one-time study, seemingly dislocated elements of scripture come together into a powerfully integrated whole, such that even those with no Bible background will feel respected by the accessibility of the approach and inspired by the richness of the teaching.


  • One-time, 10-week study
  • Weekly 30-minute video sessions followed by discussion
  • Daily readings
  • Ideal for weekday small group bible studies and adaptable for weekly Sunday school classes
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OneBook: Daily-Weekly

Designed to be engaged by small groups, Sunday school classes, one-on-one discipleship approaches, and individual learners, the OneBook Daily-Weekly is a Bible learning resource for the long haul.


Released in twelve-week installments, each volume of the Daily-Weekly will be dedicated to a contiguous body of scripture, and each of the 12-week volumes will come from a different part of the Bible (i.e. Old Testament, Gospels, Wisdom, Epistles, etc.).


As the name suggests, the Daily-Weekly provides a passage of scripture each week, broken into five daily readings, with a sixth day for focused reflection and one day for weekly gathering. Each week will be accompanied by a seven- to ten-minute video teaching session from the author of the study.


Because of our commitment to staying with the narrative flow of the text, the Daily-Weekly will not be arranged topically. The purpose of the resource is to assist learners in the long obedience of becoming a people and communities of one book.


  • A growing list of 12-week studies, released quarterly (current titles include The Gospel of John by Ben Witherington III, The Book of Daniel by Michael Matlock, and The Letter to the Romans by Ben Witherington III)
  • Weekly seven- to ten-minute video sessions, followed by discussion
  • Daily readings
  • Ideal for weekly Sunday school classes and weekday Bible studies
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OneBook: A Biblical Journey

When people finally get a grasp on the big sweeping story of Scripture and understand how it all fits and works together, they usually want to dig deeper. When the Word of God is taught well, it creates a growing hunger for yet more understanding. That’s why we’ve created OneBook: The Biblical Journey.


The Biblical Journey is a Bible learning resource defined by its comprehensive, seven-year process. Each year consists of a 32-week journey through a focused segment of the Bible. Students will engage in a workbook with short study assignments six days a week and a weekly gathering where they will watch a video teaching session and discuss the week’s materials.


While The Biblical Journey is accessible to entry level Bible learners, it calls for a greater length of commitment and higher degree of fidelity to daily practice. Participants can expect to spend 20 to 30 minutes in the daily exercises.


  • A total of seven, 32-week studies, released yearly (current release is The Gospel of Mark by Dr. Joseph Dongell)
  • Weekly 30- to 50-minute teaching video, followed by discussion (requiring a two-hour group session each week)
  • A companion student workbook (for use in personal daily study and during the weekly video session) 
  • Supporting online resources for additional study and reference
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What are other folks saying?

We're glad you asked.


Larry Teasley, Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church DeFuniak Springs

We have about 28 people engaged in Invitation here at FUMC DeFuniak Springs. It has been a remarkable experience. Lives and understandings are being changed. People are learning things never before comprehended. It's changing the way I preach and teach. I read about three days worth of reading at a time. I'm just consumed by it.


Louis William Ellerbrook, Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Childress

We just finished Session 8. We are having 25 adults show up each week. They are LOVING this study, and I am loving seeing these adults begin to make sense of the OT and God’s Redemptive Story.


Jeremy Summers, The Wesleyan Church

This is one of the most solid biblical teaching resources I've ever seen for the local church. We've been looking for just this kind of accessible depth for our people. If I know the Wesleyan movement like I think I do, they will be all over it. 


Gill Price, GROW Pastor of Christ Community Church, Columbus, GA

Dr. Russell does a masterful job highlighting the narrative movement of Scripture. The concise explanation of the biblical story narrative from Creation, to Fall, to Israel, to Jesus Messiah, to The Church, to New Creation truly gives an exceptional overview of the Bible in 10 weeks. 

I really appreciate the format of the study, whe re each chapter is broken into daily readings with reflection questions. The daily readings are manageable (2.5 pp), and the 2-3 reflection questions are applicable, probing and challenging. The weekly group meeting allows for time to address questions that come up in the daily readings. Moreover, Dr. Russell's DVD instruction stresses the major narrative strokes in the Bible, while illuminating how each contributes towards God's redemptive mission. 

As a church discipleship pastor, I have used this study to great profit with those in my congregation from a wide variance of backgrounds. Both those who have long been students of Scripture and those who are blowing the dust off their Bible covers have benefited. 


Talbot Davis, Pastor of Good Shepherd UMC, Charlotte, NC

The consensus among both my small groups is that Epic Of Eden is the best study leading to the most interesting conversations that we’ve ever had. These groups have done all the short term Disciples (which we like) as well other sort of standard fare evangelical stuff. So we appreciate it. You are doing something right and we look forward to more.


Lesa McDonald

The John Bible study is wonderful. I love having the text in context. For me, it has opened my eyes to fresh interpretations of the word and is helping me think about Jesus in new and exciting ways. I also love that Dr. Witherington treats us as capable students - I almost feel like a seminarian (without having to write a paper or take a test). He gets to the heart of the text and presents it both in detail and as a big picture.


Chad Brooks, Pastor of Foundry, West Monroe, LA

My crew absolutely loved it! We took good notes but they are already asking for more. This is exactly what folks in the local church are looking for.  


David Brasher, Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Bullard, TX

Onebook: Invitation helps connect the dots for people as they discover the over-arching story of God throughout the Scriptures. It's like putting a seminary education into the hands of the everyday layperson in the pews. My people are loving it. Great teaching by Brian Russell and great group discussion questions which engage participants with the Word of God. 5 stars!


Paul Hontz

I wanted to let you know how thoroughly we have enjoyed “The Epic of Eden.” It has been stimulating both intellectually and spiritually and has been very well received by our people. It is, I think, as fine of a DVD series as I’ve seen.


Jim Morrow, Pastor of Lyons First United Methodist Church in Lyons, GA

"I love it!  The congregation loved it!  It's high quality teaching at an affordable price.  You just don't get that anywhere. I will be using the Daily-Weekly studies for my Wednesday Night Bible Studies into the foreseeable future!" 

Is OneBook a fit for your community?