A Group Discipleship Project


From the author, Winfield Bevins:  

In recent days, millions of families have had to adjust to the strange new reality of living and working from home. More than ever before, we need to rediscover the lost art of family discipleship. Perhaps you’re new to the idea of family discipleship. It’s simple, really. Family discipleship is when parents help their children become disciples of Jesus Christ in the home through reading the Bible, praying, worshiping, and doing missions together.

Family discipleship can be both fun and educational. This book, and thereby this Facebook study, will serve as a practical guide to family discipleship for families from all ages and backgrounds. While the group is for parents, grandparents, and really any caregiver of children, the practices are for both parents and children.

We invite you to begin the journey of family discipleship by using this group study as a guide to help you incorporate your faith into the daily routines of your home—particularly in this season of social distancing. It starts in our marriages, by loving our spouses with the love of Christ. It happens by teaching, loving, and sharing our faith with our children. When we bring the gospel back into the home, it will spread through our neighborhoods and into the communities where we live. If every family in every church got serious about making disciples in the home, it would change our world. Let the journey begin!

For only $30, you'll receive . . .

  • A softcover copy of Grow at Home
  • A Field Guide for Family Prayer booklet
  • Invite-only access to the Grow at Home Discipleship Project Facebook group for discussion and encouragement
  • Exclusive sneak peeks at Seedbed's forthcoming book Living Room Liturgy by Winfield Bevins
  • Weekly teaching videos posted in the group 
  • Special engagement opportunities with Winfield and Kay Bevins

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"This book is a practical and easy-to-use guide to help families grow in their relationship with the Lord. Every parent who has children to disciple in Jesus should have a copy at the ready!"
- Zachary C.

How It Works

Everyone who participates will immediately receive a link to the Facebook group. There, we'll follow the chapters of the book together—one chapter a week. To kick off each Saturday, we'll post a short video from Winfield Bevins that sets the stage.

Each chapter begins with an introduction to the topic for parents to discuss and then concludes with a practical application of the material to share with your children, called—you guessed it—“Grow at Home.”

We'll all be implementing the same practices together, so we can share our experiences, encouragements, tips and tricks, and hip-hip-hoorays with one another throughout the process.


What age children is this book for?
All ages! It's never too early or too late to practice family discipleship.

I don't have Facebook. Can I still participate?
Not really, sorry! BUT you can definitely grab the books on their own and begin these practices in your family.

How do the videos work?
They'll be posted in the Facebook group every Saturday starting on May 2nd.

What if I already have the Grow at Home book?
You can still join the Facebook group at a reduced rate. Click here to purchase just the online group access, but no books.

How do I find the Facebook group?
After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link to the group. To verify your access, you'll be asked for your order confirmation number, so have that ready!

Registration is closed!

"The information is spiritually sound which is practical and is needed. I appreciate the biblical basis and all inspiring examples that parents, grandparents can implement in the lives of children be they family members or those they come into contact with from day to day."
- Kenny L.

Details will be delivered by email—Day One is Saturday, May 9th!