Daily Text - Seedbed

The Holy Spirit is attracted to holy discontent like lightening to a lightening rod.

This is the missing link in the Christian faith today: continuing in the grace of God.

We preachers must remember the power is in the gospel, not in all of our well-intended long winded preaching.

Psalm 48 points us away from the earthly temple to God himself, the ultimate citadel of strength and protection.

We must cease trying to get the Bible to live in our categories and begin to move ourselves into the category of the Bible.

We often develop strategies, objectives, plans, outcomes, and metrics to replace our trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

False prophets make good strategists: They start with the leadership, because influenced and compromised leaders can cripple communities.

The most typical pattern of Holy Spirit-commissioning is to simply "send people on their way" and to give direction along the journey.

Nothing quenches the Holy Spirit more and self-disqualifies a person from the game like the categories of "called to ministry," and "just a layperson."

We do not possess the power of God. The power of God possesses us.

The final outcome of God’s work in the world may be peace, but it only comes about through the forceful intrusion of his judgments, overturning wickedness, and bringing about justice.

True faithfulness in prayer has nothing to do with outcomes and everything to do with love.

The big takeaway in the apostolic school of prayer is this one: Do not ever give up!

Persecution is the enemy's best effort to defeat God, but it usually takes on the opposite effect.

The CEO model of church leadership has taken a toll on a leader's ability to practice the three-fold ministry of Jesus: preaching, teaching, and healing.

The Church, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, is designed to be a decentralized lay movement.

Though Jesus told us the world would hate us as it hated him, expect for most of the criticism to come from the insiders.

Just as the creation of Adam and Eve into a one-flesh relationship marked the beginning of the whole history of humanity, so the marriage of Christ and his church will mark the beginning of the New Creation.

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