Daily Text - Seedbed

When we strip ourselves of all but love we discover the fullness of who we were created to be.

During Advent, we prepare for our key moment: the day when Jesus will come in glory and make this world a place of heaven on earth.

With God, every desert will eventually become a garden. Every wilderness will become a place of life-giving springs.

Advent is a time of both suffering and hope: The leper bows with his face to the ground in sorrow, but he also bows in hopeful reverence, trusting that his Lord can save.

Our God doesn’t teach us how to climb high, but how to bow low.

The worship that seeks justice is the worship that seeks the coming of the Lord.

We were claimed as the beloved of God before the world began, and when God spoke us into existence, there were teeth behind his words.

In Christ, we have become people drenched in the Holy Spirit; we have become living testaments to the final dwelling-together of God and humanity that is to come.

Everyone expected the Messiah to come and announce himself with power and distinction; instead, the Son of God slipped in unnoticed among them.

Let us retreat into the wilderness and wait for the surprise of God. Who knows how he will appear or what he will say

All of life—the formlessness, the void, the darkness, the beauty, the abundance, the light—it is all filled with the Spirit of God birthing newness through all and in all.

The story of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the story of salvation, the story of the Church, God's own people, never ends.

The only thing worse than a self-deceived person is a self-deceived religious expert.

The Holy Spirit will always be looking for the Word of God in us to work with.

God loves cities. Though the world began in a garden, it will end with the coming of a city.

The real Kingdom of God often finds itself as a statistically insignificant reality, yet this is how the kingdom enters an empire.

Rather than continue to lament the loss of so-called "Christian America" it's time to reclaim our New Testament nerve and recover our apostolic mojo.

Making disciples of Jesus Christ cannot, will not, must not be attempted without orthodox training in the every day supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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