Daily Text - Seedbed

God's love is no sentimental or emotive feeling—which can be devastated by the perpetrators of wickedness, or snuffed out by the disappointments of life.

Hearing from the Holy Spirit is not reserved for a special class of Christians. It really should be an every day experience for every follower of Jesus.

Theologically trained, sanctified, Spirit-filled—this is the sacred ambition of the Word of God.

Apostolic activity is in the job description of every baptized believer in Jesus Christ.

Only the Holy Spirit can take the tragedy of persecution and turn it into the triumph of the gospel's proclamation.

Today's Christians and churches don't need more innovation or better programs or bigger buildings or newer worship songs as much as we need a constantly deepening confidence in the power of the gospel.

A martyr in death serves as powerful encouragement to the living to be a martyr in life.

The biblical view not only understands that God is the Judge of the world, but that we, also, must act as God’s regents.

Worship of the true and living God happens when we vulnerably trust in the certainty of God for the unpredictability of the future.

Faith means raising our level of expectation of the possibilities that hover just above and beneath the surface of everything, every person, everywhere, all the time.

In telling the biblical story, we don't need people to glean from our wisdom. They must encounter the living God.

Anytime anyone tells the story of God there's a lot more going on than is visible to the naked eye.

The biblical story, told in the power of the Spirit, is always charged with supernatural substance.

Our common mistake is not so much taking God out of the story as much as we make him a passive object instead of the active subject.

The psalm gives us the assurance that someday we will look back on our current situation and see that, even there, God’s hand was guiding us and leading us.

The Holy Spirit works with this Word-shaped memory to kindle in us a mystical imagination capable of gospel improvisation.

This core dynamic of Christian discipleship consists in the crisis and process of learning to be "strong in the Lord and in his mighty power," who is the Holy Spirit.

Apostles solve problems by finding people full of the Spirit and wisdom, commissioning them for work, and letting them loose.

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