Daily Text - Seedbed

We can trust God. He engineers our circumstances beyond our knowing.

Our spirits were made for the movement of faith, but something in us wants to domesticate our faith and turn it into a predictable set of routines.

Even in the darkest of times, we are reminded that Jesus Christ conquered death itself, that Jesus trampled over death and brought us through that darkness into new life.

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is one story, and it is our story—the Story of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

When the watchfulness of the people meets up with the watchfulness of the Lord, the miracle happens.

The concept of judgment, unpopular as it may be with many, is a monumental reality in Scripture and the Christian faith.

The alarm of crisis goes off and it registers, yet we all too easily hit the snooze bar for another 9 minutes of sleep.

He wants our hearts, friends, our soft, pliable, clay-like hearts in his hands, where he can mold them, by the power of the Word and the Spirit, into vessels of his liking, for his purposes, for our good and his glory.

Given time and patient trust, faith in the Word of God leads to the indelible, life changing experience of the faithfulness of God to the promise of his Word.

In the end, God does not offer any technical explanation for the presence of evil and suffering. Instead, he offers up himself.

Pursuing the will of God will not mean smooth sailing. It does not mean life will get easier. It will be better, but likely harder.

The only thing more daunting in answering an assignment from God is the thought of going at it alone.

Maybe the pattern is being interrupted in a way that just might create the space wherein we might be awakened to God's plan like we have never known it before.

God knows our hearts will not rest until they rest in him; hence his mission is to deliver us from our every unholy attachment, broken inclination, and involuntary bondage to worship false gods.

What if God is looking for people who have been broken enough by life and mended enough by mercy that they know they can do nothing apart from Jesus?

God desires and delights to be with us in a comprehensive fashion, not as a peripheral help.

In God's presence all things are seen in a new light. The loud narratives of this world and culture start growing dimmer.

We must attempt something so big that unless God intervenes it is destined to fail.

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