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According to the New Testament, to "believe" is not the same thing as having "beliefs."

Whether it is our covenant-keeping with God, or our covenant-keeping in family relationships, the blessing of God rests upon those who fear him and walk in his ways.

Listen Now! August 18, 2018 Mark 1:29-34 As soon as they left the synagogue, they went with James and John to the home of Simon and Andrew. Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed with a fever, and they...

The authority of Jesus becomes the authority of his followers through the authenticity of their fellowship in the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes the most educated and trained people have the most "unlearning" to do when it comes to the life of faith.

What if fasting is the divinely appointed means to sustain the fullness of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the wilderness of the world?

The Holy Spirit is not about creating cool environments for crafty religious experiences. The Holy Spirit creates corporate, collective, and even generational movement.

Though Jesus Christ first came to us prior to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, he shows us what it looks like when a human being lives in the fullness of the Spirit.

Listen Now! August 10, 2018 John 17:20-26 20 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father,...

Listen Now! August 9, 2018 John 17:11-19 11 I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them by the power of...

Listen Now! August 8, 2018 John 17:1-10 17 After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: “Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. 2 For you granted him authority...

Though you are tired, weak, and utterly incapable of facing the looming crosses ahead, you are a champion by the grace of God and the Cross of Jesus.

Listen Now! August 6, 2018 Mark 15:34 33 At noon, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon. 34 And at three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi,...

It is possible to build in vain even if we live in a grand house. When these things become the focus of our lives, there is a vanity, or emptiness, that seeps into our lives.

Listen Now! August 3, 2018 Luke 23:32-34 32 Two other men, both criminals, were also led out with him to be executed. 33 When they came to the place called the Skull, they crucified him there, along...

As we approach, let us remember we want to learn these prayers not from the outside looking in, but from the inside looking out.

Our crosses come to us in those places where the ways of the Kingdom clash with the ways of the World and call on us to make difficult decisions.

In the largest way and with the fewest words, the cross is the weight of the glory of the love of God for the whole world, beginning with me.

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