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The Seedbed Daily Text is a daily devotional used by thousands to engage with the word of God in a way that leads to transformation in their lives.
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The deeper life within us creates a sense of full assurance and confidence, and yet leads us into a total surrender and dependence.

If there is a God, you would assume that he is great. The shocking twist is that he is good.

Desperation shouldn't lead us to deny the reality we're facing, rather, it should make us remember the hope that will hold us through it.

If you want to know him and the power of his resurrection, then you must share in the fellowship of his sufferings and even his death.

In a world that promises anything and everything, Jesus commands us to pursue one thing.

Hunger and thirst train our affections, appetites, and even allegiances around the unseen, eternal, and renewing glory of God.

Our hope is not in the promise that our situation will change. Our hope is in the promise that God will never change.

Through revelation our eyes are opened to the truth, but its full implications is often a process of discovery.

Jesus’ call to self-denial isn’t actually about the self at all. It’s about him, and the confession that he is your everything.

There comes a turning point when discontent and dissatisfaction awaken desire and only the real thing will do.

Love your enemy is not hyperbole or poetry or a clever figure of speech. It is a defining commandment of this covenant community of Jesus.

In a profound move of tender mercy, Jesus pulls us into this divine intimacy of Father and child. Not only is God his Father, but our Father.

Our entrance into the kingdom is not dependent on how well we embody the teachings of Jesus. It is dependent on Jesus himself.

The world is drawn to his light shining through us. But it is pointing them beyond us and illuminating the way to him.

Jesus' vision for us is not a comfortably full belly, but a primal craving and hunger for what is needed most, what will fill to overflowing.

The Spirit will pull us from our beds, throw back the comforters, disturb our peace, and interrupt our slumber. He will meet us in unrest.

Second half of the gospel discipleship is New Creation transformation.

Maturity in the Christian faith is not a function of time on task, or time in church, but about being a person who lives by the Spirit.

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