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Know the destination. Don't sweat the details. I think it's how the will of God works more often than not.

Every psalm becomes a pointer to greater realities that have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

We must learn to simply, meaningfully, and regularly send one another out into the mission of the gospel.

What's so amazing about Paul is he left churches he had planted all the time yet he never protected himself from the pain that comes from saying goodbye to deep friendships.

For Paul, sound doctrine and teaching were not mere matters of right and wrong but of life and death

Listen Now! October 9, 2019 Acts 20:17-24 (NIV) From Miletus, Paul sent to Ephesus for the elders of the church. When they arrived, he said to them: “You know how I lived the whole time I was...

Blessed are those who order their lives around this calendar first and let all the myriad of other calendars and dates and seasons find their ordering and priority accordingly.

Youth Ministry filled with endless talking just won't get it done with teenagers—not in the Bible's time, and not now.

When we render false judgments, betray those who count on us, or turn our back on God’s Word, then we are misrepresenting God in the world.

Encouragement is the language of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit encourages us.

There's usually an inverse relationship between the volume of the crowd and the power or truth of whatever it is they are getting loud about.

The core creed of the gospel is not "Jesus saves." The core creed of the gospel is this: "Jesus is Lord!"

To be sure, Jesus loves prosperity, but prosperity on his terms and in the way of his kingdom.

When it comes to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, don't let the counterfeit scare you away from the genuine.

People typically get the attribution wrong when it comes to the supernatural and the miraculous, focusing more on the vessel than on God the giver.

Despite our current difficulties, we can speak with confidence about our deliverance, almost as a past experience, because we have already been given God’s promise about the final outcome.

Conversations about faith comprise the day in and day out inglorious yet beautiful work of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Next to a Christian understanding of the Word of God, the greatest need of the people of God today is to be deeply discipled into the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

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