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Listen Now! May 25, 2018 Genesis 3:8-9 8 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from...

Do we experience the world from a place of abundance or scarcity? This will determine how we pray.

The rest of God reminds us that rather than being defined by our work we can be delighted with God both in and through our work

We live too much as victims of sin, darkness and death, and prayer is too often merely the amplification of our anxieties to God.

Prayer is not primarily a response to sin, darkness, and death, but a co-creative participation in the word and work of God to renew all of creation.

The church of Jesus Christ is the most ethnically, socially, and linguistically diverse movement in the history of the world.

Real praying is not human-inspired sympathy but Spirit-empowered empathy.

Prayer proceeds to create atmosphere and then habitat—environmental conditions from which many other new things can spring forth.

Sometimes God moves mountains in an unmistakably sovereign way. More often, he moves us, by the strength of his Spirit.

Prayer should be understood less as pleading and more as calling forth.

That's what prayer is—world-making speech. This is what God does.

Jesus is the victor who, after his suffering and humiliation, has been crowned with glory and honor.

Biblically speaking, prayer means war. Prayer means advance. Prayer means recovering what has been lost and taking back what has been stolen.

The Ascension of Jesus Christ makes Christian prayer possible.

Don't forget: Sin is real. Its effects are catastrophic. But grace abounds. 

When God's judgement comes in blazing pyrotechnics, we'll hardly notice because we'll be looking the other way.

God’s patience creates an urgency for us to share the good news.

In the end, our faith is not based on what we see or experience, but on God himself.

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