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The Seedbed Daily Text is a daily devotional used by thousands to engage with the word of God in a way that leads to transformation in their lives.
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When our eyes are not on God, they are on ourselves. When our eyes on ourselves we then compare ourselves to others.

God's will and assignments rarely make sense in the world's way of making sense of things.

Will we choose God and the promised life and the faith it requires of us, or will we quietly not choose at all and settle for the striving mediocrity and comfortable existence of a predictable life.

Most people prefer the hell of a predictable situation rather than risk the joy of an unpredictable one

Something about the trumpet sounds the very note of encouragement to the hearts of God's people. 

The smallest seed of faith in the greatness of our God actually moves mountains.

The Word of God and the Spirit of God are ever working to reveal the Eternal God to mortal human beings.

He is looking for our hearts, our whole-hearted, all-in hearts. That's where great awakenings begin-- with the ones who tremble not in fear but in awe of Him alone. 

Our Father wants us to grow up into the deep likeness of his son, Jesus, anchored in his Word, animated by his Spirit, abiding in his presence, attached to his friends and activated in his Kingdom. 

Anytime anyone awakens from sleep and rises up to follow Jesus beyond the cozy confines of domesticated religion, they must be encouraged; for the armies of hell will come against that person. 

We would be well served to stop bashing the surrounding culture. We need to let judgment begin with our hearts and homes and houses of worship.

Here's the good news: though it be seven years or seventy, it is never too late to tear down the altar to Baal and build a proper altar to God. 

We want God to comfort us in our problematic life. In this frame, faith becomes more escape than engagement.

A change of life only begins with a change of heart. 

What if our deepest worth to God is actually not connected to our strengths but to our weaknesses?

God has a plan all right-- but it is not for your life. It's just the opposite. Your life is for his plan.

An encourager must learn to see others as God sees them and to persist in making that vision personally and particularly known.

Our God is on a mission to encourage us, not so much because we are needy of encouragement but because we have a MASSIVE MISSION in front of us.

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