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The Seedbed Daily Text is a daily devotional used by thousands to engage with the word of God in a way that leads to transformation in their lives.
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The second half of the gospel opens up a horizon of life we always hoped was possible.

While experiences with the Holy Spirit can’t be manufactured, they can certainly be nurtured.

We will rise from death whole, complete, and without sickness or pain. We will see the healing and wholeness of things we so long to see in this lifetime.

The Spirit of God is filling the temple; keep the doors open so that filling pours out.

Joy lives on the other side of Christ-likeness; pursue joy.

Worship is the key to flourishing in the Holy Spirit. To forget worship, is to slowly erode hope.

Spiritual enemies claim many lives every day; the Spirit is given so you can remain standing.

For our good, Jesus left, and the Spirit came. For our good, the Spirit will lead us toward the day Jesus comes again.

Virtue takes an inner olympian training, and the Spirit of Jesus is our coach.

The Spirit opens us to the Father, to receive his very best for his child.

It is in the place of worship that the Spirit helps our minds apprehend reality.

Look forward to the setting of all things right; there is a new world displacing the old.

The Holy Spirit bears a promise that all things will be made new.

The Spirit speaks through local bodies in which we learn the ways of love, worship, service, giving, growing, being discipled, being encouraged, being challenged, responding with grace, and so on.

Being grounded, humble, and down to earth is the way of Jesus—and is a transformative work the Holy Spirit is about in your life and mine.

Wisdom is substantial and shows the signs of age. Wisdom moves slowly, humbly, and deliberately, at a pace that can be uncomfortable to our modern sensibilities.

Jesus is about transformation, so I am about transformation. Jesus is about transformation, so you are about transformation. As a family, it’s our way.

When the body aches, the heart searches for body builders—those who can help us get strong in places where we are weak.

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