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The Kingdom of God is the world made right again. To repent is to join that movement.

Jesus has not come to do a few mission projects on earth; to show us a "better way." He has come to inaugurate the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus has inaugurated the era of the mercy of God, the time in which repentance and reorientation of one's life are not only possible but empowered.

The fundamental brokenness of the human race, the essence of the brokenness that we call sin, is the inability to freely receive.

There are two kinds of people: abundance people and scarcity people. An abundance person is possessed by God. A greedy person is possessed by scarcity.

For better or for worse, a few people can have a massive impact on an entire community, even though we rarely believe it could be true of ourselves.

As long as we are trying to cover our brokenness we cannot be healed.

Jesus can work with human darkness. What he can't tolerate are people who try to counterfeit the light by their false appearances.

Rather than some clear cut form of behavior modification, repentance may be more like a bold run toward Jesus.

Introspection is something we do to ourselves. It's not to be confused with Inner Examination, which is something the Holy Spirit does.

If we listen to Jesus we will ask our Father to give us the Holy Spirit.

In "the Lord's Prayer," Jesus brings all the attributes, character, roles and names of God under the covering of a perfect Father.

Perhaps Martha's sense of self and worth were all wrapped up in properly performing her role while Mary's sense of herself was all wrapped up in her relationship to Jesus.

Jesus rarely has "Gotcha" moments—instead, he proceeds to reveal the extravagance of divine love in ordinary human form.

The great danger of becoming "wise and learned" is of turning wisdom and learning into a form of status and prestige.

Christians are agents who represent Jesus, and whose speech represents his speech.

Christians should live as those who have already won. The future is a settled matter.

If my regard for myself is founded solely on the value accorded to me by the love of God, then I will love others on the basis of the very same value accorded to them by the love of God.

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