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The trajectory of our sin may seem small now, but further on it can have devastating consequences.

Repentance is not behavior management. It is reorienting to the right path.

We don’t need a gospel message for social justice. So then what are we aiming for?

We’re waiting for Jesus to return, and waiting is active.

What is the role in God's kingdom to which Jesus will hold us accountable before his return?

In the gospel, the great and glorious God of the highest heavens looks down upon us and comes to dwell in our midst to rescue us and to redeem us.

Judgment is primarily about fixing what is broken and restoring what was lost.

Advent is about hearing the story from the future and allowing it to speak joy into the darkest places now.

Whatever you believe about how the world will end in the future forms your posture to the world today.

Jesus really is the reason for the season. All of them.

Advent is all about the final stage of the new mission God began after humanity’s mission failure.

Advent is an alternate New Year opportunity to let the Church’s seasons, not the world’s, set the orbit for our lives.

these great verities of the covenant—love, faithfulness, righteousness and peace—will someday converge in a way which brings healing to the nations.

Advent not only marks the great movement from “Before Christ” to “The Year of Our Lord,” it signals the beginning of the end of time itself.

The New Testament rarely addresses me as an isolated, individuated, privatized person. To be sure, God addresses me personally, but my identity is not primarily as an individual.

"See to it that you complete the ministry you have received in the Lord" (Col. 4:17).

Faithful feels like trading on whatever it is God has given me for the advance of his purposes in the world.

We are those in whom the fullness of God is pleased to dwell, and yet we are prone to fill up our cravings with every emptiness under the sun.

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