Daily Text - Seedbed

"On Earth as it is in Heaven," must mean only one thing: the love enjoyed between the trinity manifesting itself through the interrelationships of human persons.

Abiding in Jesus means life, and not abiding in Jesus means death—it's that plain.

When our symbols come to represent our systems and structures instead of the signs for which they stand, it’s only a matter of time before the signs disappear.

Obedience is not blind submission. It's the totalizing attention of love.

Jesus will have no other home, no other temple, than his disciples.

This is what the Holy Spirit does. He moves Jesus from being with us to being within us.

Love is the power. We will finally see "greater things" when we learn the ways of "greater love."

The Holy Spirit mediates the presence of Jesus on earth as it is in heaven; the Holy Spirit mediates the presence of Jesus' disciples in heaven as it is on earth.

The primary ministry and mission of the Holy Spirit is to inhabit our whole lives to the end that we be given to loving others as Jesus has loved us.

While Jesus holds endless grace for both the betrayer and the betrayed, the consequences of betrayal never end.

Jesus shows us his identity is not shaped by his role. It's just the opposite—his role is shaped by his identity.

Here's the surprising truth: at the heart of people-pleasing is the fear of people.

Every day we have opportunities to do small things with great love.

Here's the surprising truth: at the heart of people-pleasing is the fear of people.

Hard-hearted people are typically the way they are because something happened in their past that made them broken-hearted people.

Surrender is not the acceptance of defeat but the declaration of victory, no matter how dark the future may appear.

Jesus will either give all of himself or he will give nothing. There is no half way with Jesus.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

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