Daily Text - Seedbed

We can only meaningfully understand what is going on in the Bible by understanding and staying in touch with the larger biblical story in which we are situated.

The great danger for the disciples of Jesus, then and now, is to become too prideful to admit that our knowing (experience) has not caught up with our knowledge.

Compassion is not what we do with our loose change. It's a way of being deeply attuned to other people, seeing past their need and into their nature.

Boundaries are not about protecting ourselves from people. Healthy boundaries prepare us for people.

Marriage is not about marriage. Marriage is about God. For those of us who are married, we need to make our own marriage matter by making our marriage about God.

Biblical love is not like the wavering flood of emotion that overtakes humans in some romantic surge; the love that God defines is a resolute disposition that acts on behalf of another, and does so relentlessly and redemptively.

When Jesus becomes central in our life, the story of the world recedes into the background.

There is no higher authority than the authority of Jesus, and he entrusts it to his followers. Are you in touch with this possibility in your own life?

The power of God sovereignly works miracles in response to the faith of a community moving in love.

To minister in the way of Jesus means we share in his authority to speak words of power and blessing into the lives of others.

God is not only better than we think. He's better than we can possibly imagine.

Learning to see people as God sees them means I can never label them according to their suffering. I must see them as sons and daughters.

Through repentance and faith, the people of God now abide with Jesus Christ, the very embodiment of the presence of God, since all the fullness of the deity dwelled in him in bodily form.

While my understanding of such realities continues to grow, my faith in the biblical revelation of the nature of reality, past, present and future; visible and invisible remains as fixed as the sun.

The Holy Spirit through the person of Jesus, and now through the Body of Christ, walks right into the midst of the darkest places, into the most impossible situations and hopeless causes and sets captives free.

Sometimes our quality of peace within the storm determines the capacity of our faith to calm the storm.

Parables bring disciples into a different relationship with learning. They take away from us our penchant to master the material and lead us to the place where we are mastered by the Messiah.

The Great Rule of the kingdom of God is to live for others, not for ourselves.

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