Daily Text - Seedbed

We were all crafted to express the impractical extravagance of holy love.

Jesus' second coming will be so overwhelming that it will strike either irresistible love or irresistible horror into every creature.

It is only in remembering the future second coming that we can most deeply appreciate and appropriate Christmas, his first coming.

As we embark on the beginning of a new Advent—a new year in the Lord—we come not to offer a deeper commitment to Jesus, but a better consecration.

We don’t need more connections, we need deeper and more whole and holy attachments.

As Jesus was and is, so we are and shall become—words becoming flesh.

Lordship means control. It means an undivided heart, unflappable trust, and uncompromising obedience.

Love absolves guilt. Love covers shame. Love buries regret. No matter what lives or lies in our past, Jesus only needs to know one thing from us.

When will we give up on all our best plans and risk everything on Jesus alone?

Waking up can be the hardest thing in the world, and going back to sleep can be the easiest. The old life, the old normal, has deep grooves and holds enormous gravity. 

It's strangely and deeply satisfying to behold the way a former skeptic's doubt-turned-faith bolsters the courage of us all.

Jesus stands by ready to breathe into us the very breath of life—the Holy Spirit—filling our lungs with the breath of God.

John gives us an unlikely witness to an unbelievable event, and in the most interesting way she becomes the most credible character on the planet.

It's one thing to believe the tomb is empty yet quite another to believe Jesus is raised from the dead.

In the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the power of the gospel has unleashed the reality of eternity from the future, restoring it to the present.

One doesn’t receive respect from seeking to be respected—this results merely in respectability.

Might we be well served to embrace the painful blessing of "looking on the one we have pierced?"

How could something be so cosmically significant as Jesus' death on the cross and so completely invisible to those gathered at the scene?

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