Daily Text - Seedbed

Real leaders do the hard work of cultivating holy instincts, which is to say an imagination steeped in the "nothing is impossible with God" possibilities of the Holy Spirit.

The story of Scripture and the Church is filled with perfect storms—the collision of chaos and circumstance; where our panic meets the providence of God.

Satan gets credited with a lot of natural phenomenon he probably has nothing to do with.

The variety of Christian kindness done unto Jesus himself is within our reach today, if only we will reach for it.

Sometimes what seem like the longest and most difficult (and even wasted) seasons in life turn out in retrospect to be both the shortest and most significant. It takes perspective to see it.

Jesus did not promise us a life free from calamities and injustices and all variety of problems.

Paul knew the gospel with an irrefutable verity, so he felt an urgency to share it with everyone he possibly could.

We want truth to be scientifically verifiable to the point that it requires nothing resembling faith.

Our task is to see "the vision" and then become the kind of people doing the kind of creative work through whom others can see it.

The Holy Spirit is at work in every person, witnessing to the reality of God, wooing faith into existence.

Once a person's center of gravity shifts from what they are for to what they are against they will lose sight of what they were for and life becomes fueled by obsessive opposition.

We live in the age of the Spirit, where nothing is impossible with God.

God gets us where he wants us, no matter the machinations.

There is likely a massive disparity between what we say and what the world hears, because (as they say) actions speak louder than words.

The Holy Spirit is to the process of actually becoming a Christian as oxygen is to the human body.

The way of the cross calls us to interpret our difficulties and sufferings as perhaps one of the most confirming signs we are in the center of God's will.

Give yourself to what may seem small today—history often reverses conclusions about the kingdom of God.

This is how the Holy Spirit works, not by overcoming power with brute force, but by subverting power with gentle humility.

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