Daily Text - Seedbed

In the midst of tragedy we often find ourselves reaching for a song. Not in naive denial, but as an act of defiance.

We have felt the weight of the yoke, splintered by the bar, broken by the rod. We rejoice because the strong one has come to shatter them.

The Gospel of Matthew shows us that Jesus came through a lineage of broken people to heal and save and redeem broken people.

Let your heart be filled with hope, experience the joy and wonder, soak in the peace. But brace yourself. He has come to change the world. And you along with it.

Every moment is an opportunity to make the highest truth and deepest theology and largest love small enough to see.

While our sin follows a trajectory of fall and brokenness and death, his death pioneers resurrection and healing and life.

The Author takes our stalled stories and bends them toward his purpose and glory.

The Author takes our stalled stories and bends them toward his purpose and glory.

Jesus takes what is future, what is far off, and drags it into the present. He buries it in us like a seed, waiting for the harvest.

In the days of fulfillment foreseen by Jeremiah, God does more than make a covenant with his people. At the dawn of the New Testament, he becomes one of them.

We want the ground to shake, but he comes as a baby. Advent fulfills our greatest expectations in a way that we never expected.

Advent begins in the dark. But around the edges of the deep horizon we see a faded gray creeping in.

In the fullness of time, the story of God takes a scandalous turn that we dared not even imagine. The Creator steps into the story, and takes on the lead role. The Author becomes the Protagonist.

What if biblical discipleship means the Gospels themselves are our curriculum rather than extracting biblical principles from them for discipleship?

Once God himself enters the world, then all revelation bows down to him and is ultimately fulfilled by him!

The stubborn refusal to believe has little to do with eye-witnesses or evidence or scientific proofs and everything to do with our broken ability to trust.

Faith is the fruit of divine revelation wherein the Holy Spirit works in the human heart to convince one of a reality that could not otherwise be wholeheartedly embraced.

With the resurrection, comes the power of the Holy Spirit to not only cleanse us from guilt and heal us from shame, but to supernaturally empower us to overcome sin, which has lost its power.

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