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Altars powerfully mark the movements of God while extending them forward for all who will kneel.

Sometimes we don’t even need to voice our deepest prayers, but simply sit in God’s presence and let him still the raging sea that is in turmoil within us.

To struggle with God and people is the norm, not the exception. Will we let go or hold on? There is always a blessing for those who will not let go.

People who say such things show us how our desperation, when brought to God, can lead to the fulfillment of our deepest desires.

Angels are ever ascending and descending, bringing, "on earth as it is in heaven" into our brokenness, through our brokenness, in spite of our brokenness, and maybe even because of our brokenness.

God is always saying things and doing things. He wants our participation in those things, which are indeed unfolding in the world around every single one of us.

We ask for God's will to be done. We discern our plans as best we can to do the will of God. Stuff happens and we learn to trust God in the midst of it.

As far as faith is concerned, a promise from God is money in the bank. It is as good as fulfilled.

It is in Christ that we can now truly be a member of that community known as “the righteous.”

When we lay our lives down as an offering we can receive them back from the dead as a living sacrifice.

Your audacity comes not from the weight of your character or the justice of your cause. It comes from the heart of your God. 

God wants us to trade in our incredulity for inquisitiveness and become people who believe the impossible.

Sometimes deference and honoring others means refusing to live in a scarcity mentality. It means giving the best to others and trusting that God will be true to his promises to you.

You know it will not always seem like he is with you, even to the point of feeling forsaken, because the one who made the promise not to forsake us was the one who felt the most forsaken.

Are we the kind of people who long and pray for, "on earth as it is in heaven"?

Spiritual amnesia is one of the great problems that beset us during times of trial, but the same God who was with us in the light will guide us in the days of darkness and trial.

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I believe in the Word of God, who is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. And I believe in the Word of God, the Bible, the Holy Spirit-inspired authority of the people of God.

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