Daily Text - Seedbed

It is God’s covenant commitment to oppose evil in the world, defeat it, and to establish righteousness on the earth.

Religion and politics is right where Paul charges into without hesitation, and so will we.

The New Testament calls us to live like the “not yet” is “right now.”

It may have been a different time, but it’s still the same story today: we’re all going to be a slave to something.

The times are changing.

Sometimes the black and white print is really black and white teaching.

Now Paul is getting serious.

In the midst of all of our own historical challenges, with wars spilling out across the globe, it is helpful to remember that God is the Lord of history.

Heard any good jokes lately? 

Jesus said, “I’m here to invite outsiders, not coddle insiders.”

In leadership character has always mattered.

God says hard words because he is calling us to a life that calls others to a life that the culture does not want.

When is the right time and where is the right place for us to live godly lives and share the gospel? Anytime and anywhere.

“Because Jesus is good news and Jesus is in me, I am good news.”

The Old and New Testaments bear witness to these two vital testimonies to God—the external witness of creation and the internal witness of God’s law.

Jude ends his letter on defending against what is false with an amen that is not a “the end” but a “to be continued” until Jesus returns.

This is far from a nice little bow to tie up his letter. This is the big finale.

Never confuse your role as a witness with the role of the Holy Spirit.

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