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Young adults can be passionate, distracted, intense, and ripe for discipleship. Join Head Coach Greg Tonagel and Associate Head Coach Jeff Clark of Indiana Wesleyan University Men's Basketball as they discuss how their own discipleship journeys have formed the program they oversee, helping to use basketball as a tool of discipleship.

You might be comfortable talking to just anyone about Jesus, but many in your congregation aren't. Listen in as Dr. Charles Arn discusses different principles that can lower the level of uncomfortability for your church plant members.

Join Rev. Graham Singh and Dr. Aaron Perry as they discuss making key connections with people of influence in your community.

Join Beau Hamner, former pastor of Church Under the Bridge in Austin, Texas, to hear part of his story and the lessons he learned in ministering to people who are homeless, addicted, and involved in prostitution.

Join Rev. Graham Singh as he talks about key practices of fund raising and how you can explore funding through smaller networks and being open to multiple kinds of resources.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do creative church planting funding models appeal to you and come to mind over and again? Perhaps the Spirit is speaking to you! Join pastor and entrepreneur Zach Szmara to hear about the Bridge Community Church and Community Coffee Shop in Logansport, Indiana.

Paul described the church as a community in Christ that was neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, nor even male and female. In Christ, dividing walls were broken down. Instead, churches are often broken along racial lines. Listen in as we discuss how churches are working in this difficult arena of ministry.

How can you be strategic and intentional about evangelism? Join Dr. Charles Arn as he discusses missiological insights for evangelism...and how it is deeply connected with ministry in people's lives.

The Kingdom of God is ethnically and culturally diverse, but our churches often still look mono-cultural. How can your church start to look like the community around you? How can you facilitate multiple cultures, generations, and languages in your church?

Join Dr. Patrick Eby, Assistant Professor of Church History at Wesley Seminary as he shares part of his story of race and reconciliation in the church and some practical insights for church planters.

Listen as Branden and Jenn Petersen, church planters in Manhattan, share how they became fully funded in just a few months and what lessons they learned along the way.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it? Join us as we continue our conversation with Dr. Nate Crawford, Director of Here/Hear, an organization supporting people living with mental illness—to hear about potential ideas, resources, and encouragement in this Advent/Christmas season.

Join Branden and Jenn Petersen as they share about moving to Manhattan and becoming observers, listeners, and learners in the midst of planting a church.

Do you have everything it takes to lead? Society urges us to answer yes much of the time. Brent Ingersoll found wisdom in another approach. Listen in as Pastor Brent, Senior Pastor of Kings Church in Atlantic Canada, shares about leadership that is marked by learning, humility, and Christ-centeredness.