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Mission needs to be widened to include the unity and empowerment of the Spirit and the ordering will of the Father in addition to the incarnational love of the Son.

Perhaps we leaders are the ones in which God is molding, changing, and forming through the ones in whom we serve.

The stereotypical, unruly, gets-on-the-senior-pastor’s-nerves youth pastor can and should go away.

"Out of the rock will come your provision." I was in my first semester at Seminary, sitting in my dorm room, reading in Exodus...

Whether you are home or away this advent season, in a time of abundance or sufficiency, may you take comfort knowing that God came near.

Before becoming a sent people, the first step is to get to know the God who sends.

Let’s pray for our hearts to be alive, our needs to be met, our churches to grow, our communities to be reached and definitely for the lost to be saved.

There are some stories that never get old; stories we like to hear over and over. My daughter asks to hear her favorite bedtime...

A mentor’s willingness to lead, share, and trust in ministry enables powerful disciple-making.

What are we overlooking in our lives? What or who are we taking for granted in our lives?

Since most kids ministries handle those from kindergarten through middle school, the challenge of culture related to distinctive generations is a surprisingly pressing one.

There is no place for thinking of the future without also remembering all God has spoken over us in the past.

The Orchard expects to continue to plant sites in the years ahead where the gospel is not being spoken, or in non-traditional ways.

Learn from Ben Shaw about the basics for live streaming worship services.