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When churches emphasize a focus on Lent, it has a way of grafting the body together into an intentional focus on Jesus.

The God of the Ages—the Infinite One—didn’t send us a Polaroid. In the fullness of time he came to us himself and flooded the void, capturing time with grace.

As church leaders, who is getting the best of your time and energy? Your children or your parish? Are you able to step out of a pastoral role when it’s time to be father or mother?

Imagine having the resources you need to spend time in deep reflection with trusted colleagues and some of the brightest academic minds to tackle vexing, adaptive challenges your church is facing and generate resources that will support your ministry.

Though we may not, in church leadership, experience a constant state of joy, I think it valuable to consider what reflecting on the future joy set before us might look like, thus motivating us to endure.

Jessica Fleck explores several lessons she's learned throughout ministry that might be helpful reflections for other leaders.

Rest is security in God’s finished work and being marked by Divine expectation and engagement.

Mission needs to be widened to include the unity and empowerment of the Spirit and the ordering will of the Father in addition to the incarnational love of the Son.

Perhaps we leaders are the ones in which God is molding, changing, and forming through the ones in whom we serve.

The stereotypical, unruly, gets-on-the-senior-pastor’s-nerves youth pastor can and should go away.

"Out of the rock will come your provision." I was in my first semester at Seminary, sitting in my dorm room, reading in Exodus...

Whether you are home or away this advent season, in a time of abundance or sufficiency, may you take comfort knowing that God came near.

Before becoming a sent people, the first step is to get to know the God who sends.

Let’s pray for our hearts to be alive, our needs to be met, our churches to grow, our communities to be reached and definitely for the lost to be saved.