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There are some stories that never get old; stories we like to hear over and over. My daughter asks to hear her favorite bedtime...

A mentor’s willingness to lead, share, and trust in ministry enables powerful disciple-making.

What are we overlooking in our lives? What or who are we taking for granted in our lives?

Since most kids ministries handle those from kindergarten through middle school, the challenge of culture related to distinctive generations is a surprisingly pressing one.

There is no place for thinking of the future without also remembering all God has spoken over us in the past.

The Orchard expects to continue to plant sites in the years ahead where the gospel is not being spoken, or in non-traditional ways.

Learn from Ben Shaw about the basics for live streaming worship services.

The following excerpts on church leadership come from the wonderful resource Leadership the Wesleyan Way, edited by Dr. Aaron Perry. " churches may need to create...

Consider how you can use parables within the context of your ministry, not only for preaching but also for daily church leadership.

Maybe our success could be measured by our willingness to crucify our metrics. Read more from this provocative read by Sam Donica.

Read these three powerful quotes on leadership that help illuminate the Wesleyan contribution to this important calling.

Many of us never stop to think about what it takes to live into the greatest calling of all time: to be and make disciples.

If we neglect our families for the sake of our ministry, we are, in effect, abandoning our first ministry.

Manuals and policies, while not fun, are important. In church contexts, it's a clear way to honor people and manage expectations.