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Why do you do what you do? Ryan Pendergraph explains that your why is essential.

Do you really know who Jesus is? Does your youth group know? Scott Meier shares a free lesson to show your youth group who Jesus is.

Got a group of youth with too much energy and no supplies to play a game? No sweat! Bill Culpepper shares a great game with no prep: Bird's Eye View.

Find out ways that you can help your students develop their prayer life.

Betsy Marvin shares another great game idea.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these two words lately; delegation and empowerment. Should we delegate? Do we empower? Both? Read more from Betsy Marvin of the Youth Ministry Collective.

Summer can be a big time filled with lots of activities for a youth group. Kick off your summer activities with a lock-OUT instead of a lock-IN! Caroline Hare shows us how.

That dreaded moment has come. Someone in your youth group asked you the question. Yes, the question about sex. Quick! What do you do?! Jeremy Steele can help you figure out the best way to respond before this moment happens to you.

Would you ever consider hosting a senior prom dance with your youth ministry? Read more from Jeremy Steele as he shares a surprising way to reach a special group of people.

We enter into college with eager anticipation, but often, we end up drifting a bit off-course. Molly Just offers 5 simple ways we can get ourselves back on track for success as a young adult.

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