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It's that time again. The leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping. Pierce Drake offers a devotional to help you be prepared for transition in your youth group.

As a youth minister, I love games and as a youth group we play a lot of them. I think games are good. I think having fun is an important element in youth groups and in churches. However, our goals as youth ministers must go beyond fun and games as well. One way we can do this by keeping in mind the “big-picture” themes of youth ministry.

Fall is a difficult time of transition for students entering college, especially if it is their first semester. To get them going in the right direction, Molly Just shares 7 helpful tips for parents and teens heading off to college.

We enter into college with eager anticipation, but often, we end up drifting a bit off-course. Molly Just offers 5 simple ways we can get ourselves back on track for success as a young adult.

I want to transform fundraising into something that feels more like ministry and less like selling used cars. I know it enables students to be part of life-changing minsitry, but with the time and effort that most youth ministers put into fundriasing, there has to be a way to make it more than earning money to go on a trip.

Most of us appreciate the people who pour into our lives, and our youth pastor is no exception. It is often difficult to know how to be intentional about letting them know what they mean to us. Izzie Zimmerman has provided 5 simple ways youth can be intentional in showing appreciation to their youth pastors.

The college years are some of the most formative years of life. The context of the university campus is unlike any other—rich with educated...

Since most kids ministries handle those from kindergarten through middle school, the challenge of culture related to distinctive generations is a surprisingly pressing one.

I’m beginning the final lap of seminary, and there’s a common question that typically arises that goes something like this: What’s your plan post-graduation? Ah, yes....

In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Matt Friedeman offers an alternate model of youth ministry—one which requires a high-commitment and yields a more fruitful result.