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The Youth Ministry Collective is here—a place for youth pastors who believe that the love-driven, grace-filled theology of John Wesley is not just compelling, but is the most transformative way to understand the working of God in the world. Join other leaders in conversations about how this looks in youth ministry.

Betsy Marvin shares another great game idea.

Read Part 1 of this post. --- Counting the Cost It is also important to make taking care of your volunteers a priority in your ministry, which...

You're going off to college for the first time, and you have no idea what to expect. Katie Heckel share 10 pieces of advice that will help you transition well into this new chapter of your life!

I want to transform fundraising into something that feels more like ministry and less like selling used cars. I know it enables students to be part of life-changing minsitry, but with the time and effort that most youth ministers put into fundriasing, there has to be a way to make it more than earning money to go on a trip.

Today’s student is living a life that is distracted by the chaos of campus and culture – a life where they often struggle to discern or experience the activity of God in their midst.

All of the noise in our lives has a kryptonite—it's called silence. In today's article, Guy Chmiesleski reflects on all of the daily elements that shout at us and distract us from our relationship with Christ, and then offers a spiritual discipline that might help remedy the situation.

Order copies of Shaping Their Future. We are giving away 3 copies of Shaping Their Future: Mentoring Students Through Their Formative College Years by Guy...

I have always enjoyed good working relationships with my pastors as a result of some key things early on in my career that helped me connect and gain the respect of my elder colleagues in ministry. Here are seven things I have discovered over the years that senior pastors want from their youth pastors.

So many blogs, books and marketing strategies have been written in the past decade about the weight that social media holds in our lives....

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