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Do your students know about the person and work of the Holy Spirit? Scott Meier shares a free lesson on the Trinity for your youth ministry.

Is the Church effectively reaching teenagers? Study after study is revealing that there's certainly room to improve student ministries. Today guest poster and lifelong youth worker, Adam Mclane, walks you through how many children in your area you could be reaching and offers some tips to help grow your student ministry.

I have always enjoyed good working relationships with my pastors as a result of some key things early on in my career that helped me connect and gain the respect of my elder colleagues in ministry. Here are seven things I have discovered over the years that senior pastors want from their youth pastors.

Why Gifts Are Important As the end of the school year rolls around, we typically start to reflect on the year before and gear up...

Are you struggling to understand how to preach in a way that reaches young adults in the congregation? Jeremy Smith offers helpful tips on how to preach to Millennials.

How do you feel about bacon? Michael LeBlanc shares a free small group lesson about Peter and God's command to break the kosher dietary laws.

It's that time of year again—kids are heading back to school. In this personal letter to his son, Steve Beards offers us a window into how sending a child off to college can be genuinely encouraging without being smothering.

Do you really know who Jesus is? Does your youth group know? Scott Meier shares a free lesson to show your youth group who Jesus is.

Read Part 1 of this post. --- Counting the Cost It is also important to make taking care of your volunteers a priority in your ministry, which...

College students are in a unique phase in life lends itself to significant spiritual formation. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary from Chris Bean as he explains three tips for walking alongside students as disciples of Jesus.