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While Webster provides us with a pretty great idea of what light is, we are going to go to the Scripture to find out where light comes from. Today we are going to discuss three different places that light comes from.

Aligning yourself with evil can be more tempting at times than we realize. Hank Hilliard continues with the next installment of free youth group lessons based on the Chronicles of Narnia.

Looking for a discussion lesson for your youth group? Scott Meier provides the latest in his Advent small group lesson series.

Who do you look up to as a role model? What does that have to do with knowing Jesus? Scott Meier offers another free youth group lesson on 1 John.

What does the Bible actually say about heaven and hell? Be prepared, because someone in your youth group is eventually going to ask you. Jeremy Steele shares a level-headed and Biblically accurate answer to this frequently asked question.

We are often faced with adversity and challenged because of our beliefs. The issues of “Does God Exist” often come up in discussions of creation vs evolution, morality, good vs evil, and relativism. It is vital for us to understand what we believe and why we hold the belief in God.

How to we break down walls that divide us? Hank Hilliard offers another great small group lesson from Remember the Titans.

Looking for a lesson that will teach your students the value of diversity and the role each of us play in God's masterpiece? Caroline Hare shares a small group lesson based on 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.

How do we glorify God? Enjoy this free lesson about light and kaleidoscopes from Chasity Opphile.

In the previous lesson, we discussed what light is and began to discuss where light comes from. We are going to continue the discussion of where light comes from by looking at two additional passages.