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Are you looking for a free discussion lesson for your students? Pierce Drake shares a lesson about David being anointed as king and being faithful where you are.

Need another new game to get the fidgets out of your students? Adam Jones shares a real winner with "Impossible Shot."

Summers are crazy for youth pastors! Listen as the collective talks about the importance of taking time for yourself by planning for Sabbath in the summer.

What's the best way to honor your high school seniors? Andrew Chappell has some suggestions.

Looking for some new games to help your students get their restless energy out? Chasity Opphile shares four new games.

Looking for a small group lesson to help your students see the diversity and usefulness of their spiritual gifts? Caroline Hare shares a simple, necessary lesson.

Need a fresh new game to keep the wiggles out of your youth group? Adam Jones shares an idea: Karate Piñata!

Looking for a lesson that will teach your students the value of diversity and the role each of us play in God's masterpiece? Caroline Hare shares a small group lesson based on 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.

Need a fresh new game to get the wiggles out of your students during youth group time? Caroline Hare shares a can't-miss game called Grog.

Do you wish you could engage your students in Scripture and faith a little more deeply? Andrew Chappell shares why a little heresy can get that conversation started!