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Need a free lesson for your youth group that will bring them closer together and teach them Scripture at the same time? Jeremy Steele offers a lesson on the light of friendship from 1 John.

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Are you concerned about your youth's technology usage, but unsure of how to navigate all the different apps? Scott Meier gives us a crash course on some of the more popular and insidious social media apps teens use and points to a few more that may warrant a closer look.

Youth Ministry Collective is back with a hilarious game that all your Star Wars fans will enjoy! Jeremy Steele presents the newest game, Build-a-Wookie!

Do you want to understand more about how your teen engages technology and social media? Mike Rollins shares how Right Click is a helpful tool in parenting teens in a digital world.

What do tennis shoes and light bulbs have in common? A whole lot when you throw a sharpie into the mix! Find out more with this free lesson from 1 John 1:5-7.

Are you just one of those people who enjoy changing things up a bit sometimes? Sometimes, change can do more harm than good. Betsy Marvin shares some insightful questions we need to ask ourselves before instituting change.

Most of us understand the importance of engaging with families, but figuring out how to implement a program can be difficult. Aaron Buttery offers three solid steps toward engaging the families in your congregation in healthy ways.

We all want to make sure that our churches are safe for children and youth. Safe Sanctuaries is a great program to help that happen. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to implement a program that seems like such a big deal. Rev. Joy Melton explains that it is not as difficult as you might think.

How do we glorify God? Enjoy this free lesson about light and kaleidoscopes from Chasity Opphile.