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You have an event, and you want to recruit or hire someone from outside your youth group to play music or lead worship. Eddie Erwin has advice that will take the guesswork out of the process and help you be successful in choosing and supporting a band.

It is time to start thinking about how you want to prep your youth ministry for summer! Caroline Hare has a checklist for making your plans successful.

So often we take traditions, songs, popular culture, or poems as what is true about Christmas. One of my favorite parts of working with students this time of year is exposing them to the facts of the Christ’s birth that they think they know. Here are five common misconceptions to share with your students as we journey through Advent.

It seems like summer just ended, and now I do really need to be thinking ahead to next summer. There really is an art to making a summer plan that helps everyone grow in their faith, but not stressing the family (yours included) by having a crazy schedule.

Is it worth it to do small groups in youth during the summer? Pierce Drake shares advice on the topic, as well as tips for what to teach.

Transitioning from Children's Ministry to Youth can be a big deal for the younger members of a church. Mike Rollins has solid suggestions on how to make that shift a little easier.

Do you ever wonder if there might be extra resources to help your youth group members grow? Eddie Erwin shares some sage advice.

Are you dreading that New Year's Eve lock-in? Michael LeBlanc shares why the best thing to do might be canceling it.

Over the course of adolescence, young people need multiple significant adults who know, love, and guide them through the peaks and valleys of adolescence. In this post, we look at compassion, consistency, and Christlikeness as three characteristics of adults who effectively relate to young people.

It’s no secret that one of the hardest groups to reach and stay connected with is high school seniors. This isn’t just an article about keeping seniors, nor should we as youth workers ever at the start of a student’s senior year think about “keeping him or her around.” Instead, this is about creating community.

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