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As leaders, a lot of times, we feel like casting vision and laying out a new direction for our ministries is all on our shoulders, but it's important to let your leadership team share in that responsibility. These six steps can provide direction to your leadership team, regardless of if those leaders are students or adults.

Where in the world are we going to put all these kids?! Ryan Pendergraph shares some space ideas for your youth group.

In the old Frankenstein movies, even after the creature was completely assembled by Dr. Frankenstein it needed a jolt of energy from a lightning bolt captured from the storm raging outside. Here are three of my top lightning bolts that every youth ministry should be passing on to our students.

Instructions can introduce a new concept, can help our actions align with a goal, or even give us the confidence to put into practice the knowledge that is already in us. With one eye toward generating conversation in small groups, these are the ABCs we use for getting teens to talk.

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