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Teens can be intimidating when it comes to trying to have a conversation. Hal Hamilton offers 9 helpful tips to having great conversations with teens.

Over my history in ministry I have listened as my youth pastor friends lamented their bad relationships with their senior pastors all the time...

If you have taken a mission trip with students, you inevitably have encountered a student or two who was on the trip FOR THE WRONG REASON! Whether he was following a girl or she was fulfilling her service hours requirement, there are students who go on trips for reasons other than serving the Lord and His people. What do you do with these students?

An important part of youth ministry can be Summer interns, but only if you are preparing now to develop, “WINTERNS.” It may feel like Summer is months away, or right around the corner, but Summer can important season in your youth ministry, as well as that of your interns.

Are you dreading that New Year's Eve lock-in? Michael LeBlanc shares why the best thing to do might be canceling it.

Fall semester is done, and Spring semester has begun. January is a great time to stop, re-evaluate your student ministry, and have conversations that will take your youth ministry to the next level. Adam Jones offers questions that will get your gears turning!

As you look over your mission trip checklist for sunscreen, water bottle and other essentials, make sure you have made plans to take these people along with you.

When I began helping a new church start develop a youth ministry I told myself it would be short-term. Oh, how things have changed. This crazy journey has shown me a few things about starting and maintaining a youth ministry in a new church start—3 valuable lessons for anyone in youth ministry.

You keep hearing about this thing called confirmation, but you have no idea what it is or why you should care. Philip Tallon gives us the rundown.

In Part 1 of a Vision for Volunteers, I talked about my paradigm shift to allowing my understanding of Scripture to shape my methods. In Part 2 we will look at some of those methods. No single area was impacted as much as my prayer life. So prayer is the acrostic I chose here to explain my new methods.

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