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How can you get real, in-depth discussion going during your small group lesson? Jeremy Steele shares how you can get your youth to take a bite out of the text.

What do you do when you're just not feeling it? Mike Rollins shares how you lead when your heart isn't necessarily in it.

Tired of struggling through discussion sessions with silent youth? Jeremy Steele shares how to ask better questions.

I want to transform fundraising into something that feels more like ministry and less like selling used cars. I know it enables students to be part of life-changing minsitry, but with the time and effort that most youth ministers put into fundriasing, there has to be a way to make it more than earning money to go on a trip.

We have all felt so much turmoil this week, and much of it is due to the American presidential election. Should you broach the subject with your youth? Pierce Drake shares some thoughts.

“The worst part is ‘Christian’ parents are not setting faith as a priority and encouraging sports involvement at all costs”. This was one comment in a stream of rants from youth pastors saying what many have said for years, sports are the enemy of ministry.

Grief is incredibly hard. How can you help students through the loss of a peer? Chasity Opphile offers wisdom on how to help students cope with loss and how to encourage them to grieve well.

I’m often asked in youth ministry circles, what curriculum do use for Sunday School? I answer, we don’t have Sunday School. The response, how did you do it? Answer: I offered something else and Sunday School died.

The Meeting It was my first parent meeting at the new church.  I had spent hours planning... Detailed Agenda for Parents to Follow Along - Check Information...

Fundraisers are often seen as one of a few necessary evils in youth ministry, a conflict of interests, if you will. The conflict is simply this: funds are necessary to do the ministry we are called to do, but the raising of these funds feels uncomfortable at best, oppressive at worst. However you may quickly discover that people want to give.

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