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There are any number of actions I take as a youth leader assuming that my students will respond or at least understand why we are doing it. I have been very intentional in my ministry designs and decisions for many years, but realized that I had not communicated to my students my intentionality.

How in the world can you keep in shape when you work with youth? Scott Meier shares tips that can help you be a healthier youth pastor.

Are you looking for ideas to help your students really understand the message of Lent? Scott Meier has you covered!

Do you ever wonder if there might be extra resources to help your youth group members grow? Eddie Erwin shares some sage advice.

Adult leaders in youth ministry give up vacation for mission trips, weekends with their families for retreats, and their Sunday nights. They deserve attention. They deserve to be cared for.

We are pleased to present the cream of the crop from 2015! Catch all the best, most clicked, and most loved posts from the year, including top games, lessons, and advice. Don't miss the "can't miss" posts!

Are you dreading that New Year's Eve lock-in? Michael LeBlanc shares why the best thing to do might be canceling it.

Where in the world are we going to put all these kids?! Ryan Pendergraph shares some space ideas for your youth group.

When it isn't about me, when it is about what them, how do you ask a volunteer leader to step away? As hard as it is, firing volunteers who are not working with you will pay long-term dividends that far outweigh the difficulty of letting them go.

Every month or two there is another hot-button issue developing in the world. Students will be very disappointed if you never address the issue at all, but addressing these off the cuff can be disastrous in many ways, including students’ future spiritual well-being and your own job security. So what do you do?

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