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How can we teach our youth to include people who are different than them? Jeremy Steele shares an activity that is fun while it teaches.

You have an event, and you want to recruit or hire someone from outside your youth group to play music or lead worship. Eddie Erwin has advice that will take the guesswork out of the process and help you be successful in choosing and supporting a band.

Find out some realistic expectations for reaching students who are already spread thin and not making them feel guilty for missing events. Click here to...

So often we take traditions, songs, popular culture, or poems as what is true about Christmas. One of my favorite parts of working with students this time of year is exposing them to the facts of the Christ’s birth that they think they know. Here are five common misconceptions to share with your students as we journey through Advent.

Every month or two there is another hot-button issue developing in the world. Students will be very disappointed if you never address the issue at all, but addressing these off the cuff can be disastrous in many ways, including students’ future spiritual well-being and your own job security. So what do you do?

Need a fresh new game to keep the wiggles out of your youth group? Adam Jones shares an idea: Karate Piñata!

In the old Frankenstein movies, even after the creature was completely assembled by Dr. Frankenstein it needed a jolt of energy from a lightning bolt captured from the storm raging outside. Here are three of my top lightning bolts that every youth ministry should be passing on to our students.

Ok, Moses didn’t tweet, but what if he did?  This activity helps empower students to use twitter to climb into and explore the Scriptures. Here...

It's important to pause as the summer wraps up and take the time to debrief and evaluate how the summer went.

It's that time again. The leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping. Pierce Drake offers a devotional to help you be prepared for transition in your youth group.