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When zombies attack your youth group, will you be ready?  Short answer, no. Let’s face it – the zombies win every time.  But its...

Add “color run” style color throws to your next youth event! Ever been to or seen ads for Color Me Rad or one of the...

How can you improve on your normal icebreaker questions? Add popcorn and bad manners! It might be considered a twist on Chubby Bunny... you know, without all the death hazards.

We all use church language, but often, we find that we don't know what it actually means. What does it mean to glorify God? Chasity Opphile shares a great small group lesson on the subject.

You're going off to college for the first time, and you have no idea what to expect. Katie Heckel share 10 pieces of advice that will help you transition well into this new chapter of your life!

Do your students know about the person and work of the Holy Spirit? Scott Meier shares a free lesson on the Trinity for your youth ministry.

Need some new ice-breaker games or something fun to fill empty time? Andrew Chappell has you covered!

A team relay game where students run down a slippery tarp while covered in a moving box. Students get really wet, really messy, and it usually turns into chaos ...which means it’s the perfect game!

Sometimes the most fun games are the most simple. That is a good thing because as youth workers we sometimes are just too tired or run out of time to plan, organize, and lead an elaborate game. First to 50 is a simple game, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Youth and adults alike will soon be cheering, yelling, and most of all laughing while they all seek to be the First to 50.

Looking for the next game to wow your youth group? Get them engaged with Ryan Pendergraph's suggestion: a plastic wrap prize ball!