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In the cycles of the church calendar, Pentecost Sunday is the final Sunday of the Easter Season. For those who design worship, it’s an opportunity to bring in some incredible themes into the gatherings of our church. Find 10 modern worship songs for pentecost in today's article by Drew Causey.

Worship pastor Drew Causey shares 5 of his favorite modern hymn artists and arrangements, arguing that the depth of writing in the hymnody of the Church is something people love (and desire), and when style of music can become a means to this end, the Church only benefits.

Growing a choir requires a lot of hard work, dedication and preparation. But the end result? It’s beautiful music to the ears! In today's article, Mary Crowson shares 5 tips for growing a church choir.

Some charge the contemporary worship movement as not being trinitarian enough in its content. In today's post, Drew Causey draws up 12 worship songs that are exemplary trinitarian and that should be on the regular rotation of every worship leader. Add your favorites to the list!
Hymns for Lent

Julie Tennent shares some hymns to engage with this Lenten season. Whether you reflect on these hymns as rich poetry or sing them in a personal times of worship, let these be a soul enriching part of your time spent with the Lord. These are also great suggestions for worship leaders when selecting songs during Lent.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminaryvideo

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Craig Keener helps situate the Tabernacle in its ancient context, noting both its similarities and contrasts with other temples in the region.

Have you been considering joining a house church? Let us help you! Andy Hogue offers some wise and witty reasons why you might want to reconsider the switch.

Advent is here, and of all the seasons of the church calendar, Advent is probably my favorite. One of my traditions each year involves...
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminaryvideo

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Craig Keener reminds us that salvation, even in the Old Testament, was always by grace through faith.

Would you like to host a retreat for your worship team, church staff, or other group? Rob Still has pointers on how to get started.

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