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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminaryvideo

In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Craig Keener works through other ancient law codes, such as the Code of Hammurabi, and highlights both the similarities and contrasts with the biblical law.

Sometime after the Israelite exile, the Psalms were collected and grouped into the rough outline we currently have in the Christian canon. Read seven reasons why we should sing these psalms.
Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminaryvideo

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Craig Keener helps situate the Tabernacle in its ancient context, noting both its similarities and contrasts with other temples in the region.

The Psalms can be very turbulent, filled with anguish, and raw with emotion, but also full of deep theology. That's plenty reason to sing the Psalms.

In A Metrical Psalter: The Book of Psalms Set to Meter for Singing, Julie and Timothy Tennent have faithfully set the biblical text into poetical form in a beautiful hardback book—not writing new poetry about the Psalms, but following the exact text of the psalm as closely as possible.

What if the table might best describe the life of the church as well as its worship? Watch this Seven Minute Seminary by Glenn Packiam to find out more.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Rev. Glenn Packiam shares three paradigms for understanding congregational worship: 1) Encounter, 2) Formation, 3) Mission.

The Bible reveals a whole and healing gospel. Good News! Today however, a third of the gospel is missing from much evangelical preaching, teaching, and...

Are you looking for new songs to sing for your Easter service this year? Drew Causey shares five new songs that will speak forth truth.

What could we possibly get from some ancient practice like chanting? Daniel Rickman-Gibbens shares 6 reasons chanting Scripture or liturgy in worship is good for you.

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