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How can you find your own unique voice as a worship leader? Branden Petersen shares tried and true methods for coming into your own in the music world and in leading worship.

Was blended worship just ahead of its time? Justin Morgan shares his own congregation's journey through blending their worship and how it has worked out for them to go from war to love feast.

What happens when we physically engage in worship with our bodies? Elizabeth Rhyno writes about her experience of discovering freedom in bodily worship.

As worship leaders, we have a unique burden and opportunity in our churches. The same task is before us: to re-present God and the Good News in a way that our people can understand and respond to.

At rehearsals, we practice community when we don’t practice music. Creating space for community inside our rehearsal time hasn’t made us perfect musicians. We still hit wrong notes. But it is helping us build relationships with each other. It’s helping us see where God is at work in us, forming us into more mature disciples.

Think of the chord chart as a road map. The better the map, the more likely that people arrive at the destination. Six years ago a drummer I led worship with pulled me aside and shared some tips that I've incorporated into my chord chart creation from that time onward.

What would worshipping "unplugged" this Sunday expose about those things on which we depend for worship? I recently asked worship leaders from around the nation to consider this question.

One of the common refrains among those who don’t practice a traditional worship liturgy is the idea that repeating things in worship is bad. Patrick Bourckel looks at the ways in which we often discount repetitive liturgies, and offer some gentle pushback on those concepts.

There are so many wonderful songs used every week in worship services, but even with the ocean of choices, there are times when nothing really seems to embody what your local congregation is trying to say. Grab your guitar or sit down at the piano and go to work!

Where some might see dissonance between these renewal worship and liturgy, I find beautiful harmony. Here are five reasons why.