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The Easter season (Eastertide) lasts for fifty days. We still have forty-six more days to go. There are still scars to be touched, fish to be caught, breakfast to be eaten, and an ascension to behold. Two of our contributors share their Eastertide soundtracks. We hope you’ll enjoy these songs during the journey!

So, you've been convinced that singing the Psalms would be a good thing for your congregation. Now, how in the world do you actually do it? Patrick Bourckel shares five practical ways to sing the Psalms.

In everyday life, timing can make all the difference in the world. The same is true for worship leading. Mark Benjamin offers wisdom on making sure you keep time consistently during worship

Is leading worship intimidating for you because you serve a congregation with people who are older than you or more musically talented than you? Rob Still has practical advice for successfully leading these groups with confidence.

Why does it matter whether we sing the Psalms or just say them? Patrick Bourckel is here to teach us why it matters.

Do you anticipate hearing from God this Lent? Sometimes God speaks through the words we choose to surround ourselves with. Kory Pence discusses a different perspective on worship through music during Lent, and offers a playlist to get you started!

I know what would make this youth group amazing! Let's have a band! Kristen Pence shares how to develop a youth group worship band from scratch.

What is your tradition for Christmas that helps you draw near to the birth of our Savior? Matt Sigler shares a hymn that has come to hold special meaning for him at Christmas.

This is a fast-paced, immediate gratification culture. We do not like to wait. But, the Lord often asks us to do just that. Jenn Petersen writes about worshiping in the waiting.

In our culture, sometimes our time is the most valuable commodity we have. Emily Vermilya shares about how offering our time through waiting on God is worth every moment.