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Have you struggled with taking your songwriting from the realm of private worship to the public sphere? Jenn Petersen provides some helpful tips for making the transition.

It can make a world of difference in your worship service to use various kinds of instruments. Daniel Rife tells us why.

Are you afraid of hurting someone's feelings if you turn anyone down for the praise team? Matthew Sigler shares his experiences with auditions, good and bad.

Adam Kurihara shares how important church choirs can be. Concerts can make great outreach events!

So often, we shut down and deny any feelings we have that seem negative or uncomfortable, but Silverio Sanchez shares how the Psalms encourage lament to be part of our worship.

Do you have trouble memorizing Scripture? Ever thought of singing it? Emily Barlow shares why singing Scripture helps us memorize it, keeps our theology in check, and connects us to other Christ followers.

As a part of our "rearview mirror" series, we asked worship director Marty Reardon to share his church's Order of Worship from Pentecost. Use...

All Christians perform some sort of weekly liturgy, even if it goes by another name. In today's video, Marty Reardon explains the meaning of liturgy, its significance, and how we can work to introduce healthy liturgy to our congregations.

Looking for good Pentecost worship songs? We have our favorites for you from our Worship Design Collective, right here!

What's the difference between a worship pastor and a worship leader? Watch as Marty Reardon explains this helpful distinction, and discusses how it relates to preparation for the divine service.