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In our culture, sometimes our time is the most valuable commodity we have. Emily Vermilya shares about how offering our time through waiting on God is worth every moment.

Are you trying to find good songs for kids to sing? Emily Barlow shares some tips for choosing the best!

Are our worship songs like our Instagram filters, helping us express ourselves in a manner that is, well, better than we truly are? Are these songs that may be true of Charles Wesley or the Torwalts but are way beyond our level of spiritual maturity or commitment? Maybe. Probably.

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we discussed the use of a metronome in rehearsals and performances as well as the need for band members to think like arrangers instead of simply guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, and bass players. In this installment, we will look at the basic roles of each band member.

There are so many wonderful songs used every week in worship services, but even with the ocean of choices, there are times when nothing really seems to embody what your local congregation is trying to say. Grab your guitar or sit down at the piano and go to work!

Contemporary worship music has come under fire for being flashy and theologically weak. However, always the contrarian, I have become a bit perturbed by the way that many people talk about contemporary worship. This dismissive attitude becomes ultimately unhelpful because it assigns generalities to an entire genre of music.

All Christians perform some sort of weekly liturgy, even if it goes by another name. In today's video, Marty Reardon explains the meaning of liturgy, its significance, and how we can work to introduce healthy liturgy to our congregations.

Is leading worship intimidating for you because you serve a congregation with people who are older than you or more musically talented than you? Rob Still has practical advice for successfully leading these groups with confidence.

How can you find your own unique voice as a worship leader? Branden Petersen shares tried and true methods for coming into your own in the music world and in leading worship.

Do you anticipate hearing from God this Lent? Sometimes God speaks through the words we choose to surround ourselves with. Kory Pence discusses a different perspective on worship through music during Lent, and offers a playlist to get you started!

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