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All Christians perform some sort of weekly liturgy, even if it goes by another name. In today's video, Marty Reardon explains the meaning of liturgy, its significance, and how we can work to introduce healthy liturgy to our congregations.

In this video, watch Matt Sigler summarize 3 key insights that the Wesleyan movement offers to contemporary worship. They include rootedness, personal, and sanctifying elements, all of which may serve to renew the contemporary worship movement.

The Easter season (Eastertide) lasts for fifty days. We still have forty-six more days to go. There are still scars to be touched, fish to be caught, breakfast to be eaten, and an ascension to behold. Two of our contributors share their Eastertide soundtracks. We hope you’ll enjoy these songs during the journey!

Even non-traditional churches can benefit from worshiping with the church calendar. Emily Barlow shares how to celebrate the season of Lent.

Is leading worship intimidating for you because you serve a congregation with people who are older than you or more musically talented than you? Rob Still has practical advice for successfully leading these groups with confidence.

Contemporary worship music has come under fire for being flashy and theologically weak. However, always the contrarian, I have become a bit perturbed by the way that many people talk about contemporary worship. This dismissive attitude becomes ultimately unhelpful because it assigns generalities to an entire genre of music.

Worship Leaders are more than just the person who chooses the song and plays it with a band. Daniel Rife shares some of the things good worship leaders do to turn a song from music to worship.

Have you struggled with taking your songwriting from the realm of private worship to the public sphere? Jenn Petersen provides some helpful tips for making the transition.

Lent is right around the corner. Elizabeth Rhyno shares a tried and true order of worship for Ash Wednesday.

As a part of our "rearview mirror" series, we asked worship director Marty Reardon to share his church's Order of Worship from Pentecost. Use...