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Lent is right around the corner. Elizabeth Rhyno shares a tried and true order of worship for Ash Wednesday.

What could we possibly get from some ancient practice like chanting? Daniel Rickman-Gibbens shares 6 reasons chanting Scripture or liturgy in worship is good for you.

Think of the chord chart as a road map. The better the map, the more likely that people arrive at the destination. Six years ago a drummer I led worship with pulled me aside and shared some tips that I've incorporated into my chord chart creation from that time onward.

What's the difference between a worship pastor and a worship leader? Watch as Marty Reardon explains this helpful distinction, and discusses how it relates to preparation for the divine service.

Joy to the world! Jonathan Powers shares a reflection for the Advent season.

Looking for good Pentecost worship songs? We have our favorites for you from our Worship Design Collective, right here!

So often, we shut down and deny any feelings we have that seem negative or uncomfortable, but Silverio Sanchez shares how the Psalms encourage lament to be part of our worship.

Are you trying to find good songs for kids to sing? Emily Barlow shares some tips for choosing the best!

Do you have trouble memorizing Scripture? Ever thought of singing it? Emily Barlow shares why singing Scripture helps us memorize it, keeps our theology in check, and connects us to other Christ followers.

What is your tradition for Christmas that helps you draw near to the birth of our Savior? Matt Sigler shares a hymn that has come to hold special meaning for him at Christmas.