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How can you intentionally design the worship service for Christmas this year? Matthew Sigler shares some ideas.

Looking for just the right Advent devotional or resource? Worship Design Collective shares a list of helpful resources for every type of personality!

What is the cure for the pain of the world? Elizabeth Rhyno explains what Mary's expectant worship can teach us about praising God for hope yet to come.

While she waited for the Savior of the world to be born, Mary worshiped. Elizabeth Rhyno shares what Mary can teach us about the effects of worship.

Today is a day of feasting with family. But, there is another kind of feast in the family of God. Emily Vermilya shares her first experience at the Lord's table.

Are you trying to find good songs for kids to sing? Emily Barlow shares some tips for choosing the best!

Do you want to include the children in your corporate worship, but are not sure how to best go about it? Adam Kurihara shares some solid tips on how to make them (and their parents) feel welcome.

Sometimes the content of our worship services can be very emotional for us. Jon Myles shares the benefit of good preparation in such situations.

Those green paraments sure do get a lot of use! Emily Vermilya tells us why "ordinary time" doesn't have to be, well, ordinary!

Jesus' time with his disciples on the beach after his resurrection is one of the most touching moments in Eastertide. Kory Pence shares a phenomenal way to celebrate this redemptive beach moment and live it for ourselves. Free resources are included!