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This is the third in a four-part conversation about what it means, practically speaking, to live a life of holy submission in marriage (Part...

Have you struggled with understanding "women in ministry?" Kelly Soifer explains how the real problem is understanding women's role in leadership.

The question of a woman’s role in ministry is a pressing concern for today’s church. It is paramount first, because of our need for...

Who are the mothers of our faith who dared to usher in the kingdom of God against all odds? Ruth Tipton continues our "She Preaches Gospel" series with Sojourner Truth's story.

Who are the mothers of our faith? Ruth Tipton shares about the women who have preached the gospel faithfully over the course of history.

Biblical Basis for Women's Service in the Church by N.T. Wright In this 12-minute video, Wright covers a breadth of issues relating to women in...

What might a feminine approach to holiness look like? In today's article, Sharon Drury explains how women can be tempted to find their identity completely in others instead of God, and this poses as big of a problem to consecration and holiness as do masculine proclivities.

In the first installment of She Preaches Gospel, Ruth Tipton shares the remarkable life and ministry of Phoebe Palmer—a prolific author, evangelist, and humanitarian.

How does gender play a role in ministry? Esther Achi shares a reasoned approach to women operating in their giftedness for kingdom work.

Rachel Held Evans is joined by Heidi Weaver of LOVE Boldly and Dr. Ben Witherington to discuss women’s roles, vocation, blogging, and more.