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We continue with part two of our Alan Hirsch video series this afternoon. Alan Hirsch and Sean Gladding discuss discipleship, John Wesley, and church leadership.

In this series on John Wesley's "Practical Divinity," explore how his theology might uniquely help us to live as God's people. Each article will introduce a theological theme and offer applications for being the Church in the 21st century.

The grace that "goes before" is a doctrine worth knowing. This primer briefly introduces the reach and scope of prevenient grace as understood by John Wesley. Explore some biblical references that serve as a foundation for this important doctrine.

The place where life transformation happened in the Wesleyan tradition was always the class meeting. But overtime this powerful tradition has largely been abandoned. We will show you how you can reclaim class meetings at your church.

What do Wesleyans and Calvinists really have in common? Sometimes it seems these two schools of thought are worlds apart. But as brothers and sisters in Christ we are called to embrace each other. Read this article to find out what Wesleyans can learn from John Calvin.

The web is filled with great resources for ministry. Seedbed is here to help you find the very best.

What differentiates Wesleyan preaching? In this Seedbed short, Dr. Lenny Luchetti explains the unique impact of Wesleyan sermons. He also details the preaching problem that he says is plaguing the 21st century and how we can overcome it. The best part is this digital download is FREE!