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The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living and Holy Dying is the collective title of two books by Jeremy Taylor. Known as the "Shakespeare of Divines" for his poetical style, Taylor made a name for himself as a theologian and devotional writer.

There is nothing more destructive to personal relations than distrust, and the ancient Serpent tries to sow this distrust in Christians.

Christians can choose to receive what God offers, so that there can be in our lives reflections of the very nature of God.

A discipleship band is for anyone who desires to grow in love for God and neighbor. It is for those desiring to share life on a deeper level with a few others.

Jesus connects the mission of the church, the reception of the Holy Spirit, and forgiveness. He makes forgiveness what the church, the community of disciples, does in the world.

To deny ourselves would be to deny those basic worldly, sinful impulses that seem so attractive to us on their surface.

Forgiveness is reconciliation, the beginning of intimacy with God. That relationship saves us, by degrees, to become the love that has saved us.

Most of us spend our lives trying to search out the dimmest light. We want to be noticed, but not too clearly. Watch the video of Scott Kisker and Kevin Watson discussing the band meeting.

The process of restoration begins with us as we are, but it doesn't leave us there. Read more from Scott Kisker as he describes the journey of salvation.

The charge is sometimes laid at Wesleyan-Arminianism that it is a human-centered theology. In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Joshua McNall helps clarify the origin of salvation and how this illuminates the character of God.