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Allan Coppedge enjoyed a thirty year career as both a professor and discipler of seminary students. Read more from Matt Friedeman as he honors Coppedge with a collection of essays.

How long has it been since you had a good laugh? This Weekly Breather exercise will help you contemplate how Jesus might sometimes be playful and give you freedom to laugh.

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Sarah Jones shares some daily practices that can help you get a better quality of sleep and draw you closer to God.

Being pruned is rarely ever a pleasant experience, but Adam Weber shares why God prunes even the most faithful Christians.

How can we encounter God in the everyday tasks we complete? Sarah Damaska shares the great potential of everyday tasks to orient us toward God.

Ben Snyder explains how Tish Harrison Warren’s new book, The Liturgy of the Ordinary, consistently deals with the concrete quest that every follower of Jesus wrestles with sooner or later—how do I experience God’s presence in the ordinary moments of life?

We have the mother of BIG announcements over here at the Soul Care Collective Blog! Read this exciting message from our team for more information!

Need more games? Mike Rollins shares two fun, low-prep games for your youth group.

Joseph Wood shares how he saw his city Manchester "strangely warmed" after the tragic events that happened there earlier this week.

It's Ascension day! For our second-to-last episode, we sit down with our former boss, current friend, and always Jedi High Master, JD. Walt. We've...