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"Jesus Christ wants you to glow – not just to see his light, not just to talk about the light of God, not just to reflect his light, but to be transformed into light."

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When I recall Abdul Rahman, I recall the magnificent love offered in Jesus Christ - a love that comes to us freely and waits for our response without pressure or manipulation; a love that respects our sacred right of refusal; a love that Abdul Rahman was willing to die for. And that's a love worth sharing.

Looking back on 2016, do you feel like a colossal failure despite your best efforts? Kei Hiramatsu shares a different perspective that may help.

There aren’t many times in the life of the church where people sit down and say, “Please teach me doctrine.” As a theology nerd, I wish it would happen more. But it just doesn’t happen that much.

We don't run with God, we walk with God...

We live in an time when media attention raises awareness (and also fear) of childhood sexual abuse. With all the danger we see, how in the world can we keep our children safe? Kathy Milans shares wisdom and tangible resources that will help you keep the children in your life more safe from sexual predators.

As this man did, you will discover that God's Word will be fulfilled. Regardless of what others may offer, stay in tune to the words of Jesus. There may be delays, some disappointments, but the promises of God will come to pass. The key is, whose voice are you listening to?

"From very early on Christians buried their dead near their places of worship. Where others placed their dead outside of cities and avoided such sites, Christians often celebrated the anniversaries of the death of their martyrs with the Lord’s Supper. Oftentimes this celebration was held at the place where the martyr was buried. Soon, many churches included the bones of the martyrs within the church building. Since death was not the final word about our bodily existence, it didn’t need to be something fearful. Christians understood that to be absent from the body was to be present with the Lord and there was no place where the Lord was more present than in the community gathered for worship. The understanding was that in Christ all are one."

You keep hearing about this thing called confirmation, but you have no idea what it is or why you should care. Philip Tallon gives us the rundown.