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"I once had an 'out of control' teen brought to my counseling office by a Christian family. My first question to the parents was, 'Tell me the rules you have for your son in your home.' The parents looked like two deer mesmerized by car headlights. I knew that my work needn't be with the child in this family. My work was to teach the parents how to set healthy boundaries for their son." Are you seeking a healthier and more peaceful relationship with your children? Kathy Milans shares wisdom about the value of setting healthy boundaries.

Do you remember those Sears Christmas Wish Books that came out every year? Bob Kaylor shares a sermon for Christmas Eve that is based on his memories of filling out his Christmas wish list with those books.

It seems, then, that God would not want anything bad to happen in the world, and he certainly has the power to stop them from happening. Yet bad things—unimaginably horrific things—happen every day. Over many centuries, philosophers and theologians have attempted to solve this problem by explaining why God would choose to create a world like ours, where humans and animals frequently endure physical pain and emotional anguish.