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We want so badly to give our children a carefree life. But, what if we are doing them a disservice? Kathy Milans shares why children need struggles in order to grow in life and what we can do to help them through it all.

As soon as your children become adults and leave home, you stand there thinking, "What now?" Heather Butler shares her transition into having an adult child leave for college, and how grace helps her walk through that transition.

How can we avoid the entitlement trap and raise our children without it? Heather Butler offers insight into the way we can begin rearing children without a mentality that the world owes them something.

October is infant and pregnancy loss awareness month. Our prayers are with all those who are grieving the loss of a child at any stage. Rachel Paddock shares an intimate look into the life and loss of her unborn child, Micah.

What can you do when Halloween is too scary for a child? Ellen Martin shares helpful tips on combating fear during the season of yard decorations, costumes, and all things creepy.

Do you know any single parents? Do you worry about how to approach them or how to interact or help without offending them? Patricia Taylor shares helpful advice and 6 things you may not know about single parents and their households.

What do children really need from their dads? Chuck Butler shares touching wisdom on being a dad: both in terms of what his children have needed from him and what they have done for him.

Many classrooms use clip systems to provide a disciplinary structure for children. But, what is it doing to the students' emotional and mental health? Kathy Milans shares about the destructive tendency of shaming to the dignity of our children.

Homework can be a real source of frustration and contention in any home, leading to a battle zone between teachers, parents and children. Kathy Milans shares 5 ways that we can work toward a cure for the homework headache in our homes.

Have you ever wanted a way to intentionally track your prayer life and count the ways the Lord answers you? Heather Butler tells about a prayer wall that changed her family's prayer life.

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