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Do you want to include the children in your corporate worship, but are not sure how to best go about it? Adam Kurihara shares some solid tips on how to make them (and their parents) feel welcome.

How does God intend for a healthy family to handle conflict? Brandon Powell offers three principles for appropriate conduct when being together gets hard.

What advice would a veteran mother give to a young wife who is considering having a child? Marilyn Elliott reflects on motherhood and some of the true feelings of real mothers on Mother's Day.

Parenting can seem overwhelming at times. However, the good news is that we are not alone in this great task. God partners with us in the character development of children.

“We can’t go there. We can play anywhere in our yard.” My oldest child explained the boundaries for outside play to visiting friends. “If you...

Do you think your teen would never make one of those really big mistakes? Heather Butler shares why you might want to think again.

October is infant and pregnancy loss awareness month. Our prayers are with all those who are grieving the loss of a child at any stage. Rachel Paddock shares an intimate look into the life and loss of her unborn child, Micah.

What can you do when Halloween is too scary for a child? Ellen Martin shares helpful tips on combating fear during the season of yard decorations, costumes, and all things creepy.

How can we avoid the entitlement trap and raise our children without it? Heather Butler offers insight into the way we can begin rearing children without a mentality that the world owes them something.

In today's video interview, Don Joy shares some of the unique challenges that parents face in the 21st century, including the absence of fathers and parenting children through the temptations of social media.