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Have you ever faced seemingly insurmountable odds? God still has a plan. Kathy Milans reviews Craig and Médine Keener's book, Impossible Love.

There are life lessons to be learned by other people's stories. We recommend reading Impossible Love by Craig and Médine Keener. It is a story filled with pain, unimaginable hardship, miracles, and a love that would not let go.

"I once had an 'out of control' teen brought to my counseling office by a Christian family. My first question to the parents was, 'Tell me the rules you have for your son in your home.' The parents looked like two deer mesmerized by car headlights. I knew that my work needn't be with the child in this family. My work was to teach the parents how to set healthy boundaries for their son." Are you seeking a healthier and more peaceful relationship with your children? Kathy Milans shares wisdom about the value of setting healthy boundaries.

How does God intend for a healthy family to handle conflict? Brandon Powell offers three principles for appropriate conduct when being together gets hard.

The other evening, my husband watched our two-year-old and cooked dinner so that I could lounge in bed and watch Netflix. I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t stressed. I wasn’t threatening an if-you-don’t-help-out-now-I’m-gonna-lose-it melt down. And, without divulging the details of our personal life, on this particular night I know he had no ulterior motives. He was simply being—kind.

Even if your marriage is not struggling, it needs regular maintenance and care! Being intentional and informed is invaluable in caring for marital relationships. Kathy Milans shares five of the books she has found most helpful for nourishing marriages.

Do you remember that mean kid who bullied you in school? Sometimes it seems like we have those people in our lives as adults. Heather Butler shares four thoughts to help you handle the mean kid on the playground of life.

Do you have rituals that your family follows? Ben Snyder shares how even small rituals can knit your family together around the things you find important.

Relationships can be complex and hard to navigate. Chuck Butler shares something God used to change the way he saw and handled his closest relationships.

Have you ever wanted a way to intentionally track your prayer life and count the ways the Lord answers you? Heather Butler tells about a prayer wall that changed her family's prayer life.

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