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Vacations are for the weak! Right? Michelle Marx shares why vacations are important and gives us four tips to making our next vacation the best one yet!

Join Jeremy Steele and Brian Russell as they discuss the Psalms as both an emotional release and spiritual healing for the reader.

Sometimes we like a clean cross with no sign of a struggle at all. Patricia S. Taylor shares what kind of cross we need to encounter when times are dark.

What do you do when your heart is too heavy to sing? Michelle Marx discusses worship and how sometimes, it really is a sacrifice.

Have you held on to hard or hurtful thoughts about someone? These thoughts, when allowed to fester, will be destructive in your life. Will you take our compassion challenge and offer those thoughts to God?

Kathy Milans shares what she learned about Life Mapping and how it can help us move from our false selves we have constructed toward our true selves as God has created us.

When we evaluate our own health and the health of others, it is very tempting to rely on what we see. Chassity Neckers shares why seeing "skinny" does not mean that good self care is actually present.

What does it feel like to enter the brokenness of burnout, and how can you get out? Jenny Mullins shares rich imagery of broken cisterns and the Living Water that pulled her out of her trouble.

Sometimes, when people are lost or stuck, an alternative form of therapy can be the key to unlocking healing. Charlotte Easley shares how equine therapy has helped her care for the souls of some of the most broken people she has worked with.

What is the role of sorrow in life? We all know it is unpleasant, and we want to avoid it at all costs. But, we need sorrow! Marilyn Elliott shares the benefits of sorrow and how it can open us up to real, authentic life which later leads to joy.

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