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Today's post features Martha O'Reilly, author of Beyond the Deception of Depression. Here, she talks about the inspiration for her book and her hopes for those who will read it.

When we delve into the depths of our inner pain, we can surely expect the temptation to stop the process. After all, pain is never pleasant, and most of our lives, we avoid it at all costs. But, what if the path to healing is found in walking through the pain to get to the other side? Kathy Milans shares encouragement in the journey toward victory in inner healing.

In the marathon of life, we're all running the "first one," and it is filled with countless challenges, unknowns, and "walls" that seem insurmountable. Each of us desperately needs a community that will surround us, love us, encourage us, and remind us that we can do it, to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

For many people, Mother's Day is not a day filled with celebration. For those of us who were abandoned or have lost their mothers, it can be downright painful. In today's post, Kathy Milans shares six ways to survive (and even grow) through a painful Mother's Day.

My Grandma Arnold passed away last month after a valiant battle with cancer. Her death came on the heels of a messy 2014 – a year that, for me, was littered with fractured friendships, unmet expectations, and the diagnosis of a heart condition.

My mind began to wander, and by some divine hand, it began to journey to the cross. I began to see her life and mine in the light of the suffering—the whip-marks that tore his flesh—the stripes that He says will heal me. I saw my tormented heart reflected in his agony. "Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? Behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto his sorrow."

Stop. Breathe. Be. It doesn't matter what state you find yourself in; God still desires to draw near. Why not meet Him with honesty? Today's Weekly Breather offers an exercise in being honest with God in lament.

I was standing there watching people come forward who have become cherished family members to me, and I was dipping my thumb in this glass bowl of pitch black ashes—a symbol not only of penitence, but of mortality. I was making the sign of the cross on their foreheads. Some of them were weeping, but with all of them, the sense of heaviness was as palpable as the deep, familial love we shared.

As soon as your children become adults and leave home, you stand there thinking, "What now?" Heather Butler shares her transition into having an adult child leave for college, and how grace helps her walk through that transition.

Stop. Breathe. Be. When we are grieving the loss of someone or something that is precious to us, it can become easy to hold onto that pain and let it color our whole lives. The practice of meeting Jesus at the garden can help us to grieve hand-in-hand with the one whose stripes heal our deepest hurts.

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