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It is difficult to come to terms with aging in our anti-aging culture. Media and society promote youth. Kathy Milans shares her own key to celebrating a healthy (and mature) body and sound mind.

Christians are allowed to experience and express sorrow, but they are often prevented from doing so. Marilyn Elliott shares some thoughts on the role of sorrow and lament in the Christian life.

We have the mother of BIG announcements over here at the Soul Care Collective Blog! Read this exciting message from our team for more information!

We always hear that it is not good to air your dirty laundry. But, what do you do when someone offers to wash it for you? Patricia Taylor tells the story of how a neighbor's offer of incarnational love taught her to allow others into the not-so-clean parts of her life and how we are made for community.

We live in an time when media attention raises awareness (and also fear) of childhood sexual abuse. With all the danger we see, how in the world can we keep our children safe? Kathy Milans shares wisdom and tangible resources that will help you keep the children in your life more safe from sexual predators.

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