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Is prostitution really a victimless sin? It may mean the difference between life and death to know the truth about prostitution and sex trafficking. This true story has been given to us to be published, to help others see how easy it is for the vulnerable to be exploited and to see that there is a very real victim in the midst of this evil form of modern-day slavery.

In the marathon of life, we're all running the "first one," and it is filled with countless challenges, unknowns, and "walls" that seem insurmountable. Each of us desperately needs a community that will surround us, love us, encourage us, and remind us that we can do it, to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Even when we pray for God to help us love someone, are we not really praying for God to change that person and make him or her easier to love? But what if I am the one in need of a change? Patricia Taylor shares insight on loving others in the midst of disagreement.

What is the church’s call to refugees and immigrants? In part two of "Jesus and the Stranger," Dr. Darrell Whiteman shares three characteristics of responding to the refugee crisis from a missional perspective.

Domestic Abuse happens more often than you think. Eunice Lee John shares how churches can respond to abuse and make a difference.

Domestic violence is a widespread problem, but it can be shocking to encounter a situation in which a victim comes to you for help. Unfortunately, unhelpful and even damaging responses are far too common. This post details some of the best things people can say to domestic violence survivors and some advice on actions that actually are helpful.

Will you sit with the helpless ones and hear their cries even if you are powerless to break through the walls that bind them? Will you sit and ache with them so they don’t suffer alone? Will you honor the cries that no one else hears and give validity to their pain? Will you face death with a tenacious hope that resurrection is always possible?

Is your church a Pokémon Go stop? Jenny Williams shares how you might care for the souls of those who are looking for little critters at your church.

Today's Friday video features Dr. J Ellsworth Kalas explaining how Methodism can do better by the people we serve. God wants better men and women, not methods.

Lucas Bonates shares humor and life lessons from his experience with culture shock.

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